Oliver twist chapter 16 summary

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oliver twist chapter 16 summary

The Old Curiosity Club - Oliver Twist: Oliver Twist, Chp. 14 - 17 Showing 1-50 of 72

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Chapter 15 - Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens

Summary Chapter 16

They go to a shop that looks like it has been closed for many years. Dodger lets them in. Charley Bates starts laughing when Oliver enters. Sikes find the five pound note and claims it, but Fagin says it is his. He tells Sikes he can have the books. Oliver hopes they will. Oliver begs them to send the books and money back.

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After Mrs. Corney invites Bumble to stay for tea

All rights reserved. Oliver decides not to risk it. The clock tolls 8 p. Sikes is jealous of her sympathy for the guys in the prison, and tries to hurry her on again, saying that the people in there were as good as dead, anyway. Nancy pretends to laugh, but Oliver sees that her face is very pale.

Chapter Nancy and Mr. Sikes drag Oliver to another of the thieves' hideouts. When they entered, Fagin, Dodger, and Charlie Bates were there. They were happy to see Oliver and astonished at his clothing. Once they figured out he had five pounds on him and valuable books under his arms, Fagin and Mr. Sikes began fighting over who got to keep the books and the money. Oliver begins to protest, saying that they should return the books to Mr.

Fagin erupts into a rage when the Dodger and Charley return without Oliver. Fagin tosses a pot of beer at Charley, but the pot hits Bill Sikes instead. Sikes is a rough, cruel man who makes his living by robbing houses. They resolve to find Oliver before he reveals their operation to the authorities, and persuade Nancy to go to the police station to find out what happened to him. She learns that the gentleman from whom the handkerchief was stolen took Oliver home with him to the neighborhood of Pentonville, because the boy had fallen ill during the trial. Fagin decides to relocate his operation for the night and fills his pockets with the watches and jewelry from the hidden box after Charley, Nancy, and Jack leave. Bedwin says that Brownlow removed it because it seemed to worry Oliver.


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