Should george have killed lennie

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should george have killed lennie

Of Mice and Men - Did George do the right thing at the end of the book? Showing 1-14 of 14

With dangerously malicious intent? I see what youre saying, and I would argue at a certain point you can see his aggression come out--if I recall correctly in defense of George or something--but the thing is his actions *werent* intentional. Thats the whole point Steinbeck was arguing, I feel like: a mentally ill, Frankensteins monster-esque man who doesnt understand his own strength, pitted against a society that doesnt understand him or how to help him. The murder in the barn wasnt intentional, nor were the times he killed the animals. Many have pointed out that Candys dog was a foreshadowing/analogue of this: the dog didnt do anything wrong, but as far as anyone in the ranch was concerned, he was a waste of space and a nuisance. I do think that actual murder is different than what Lennie went through.
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Of Mice And Men: Lennie's Death Scene Gta V

Is George right to kill Lennie? Essay

They conversation calms and soothes Lennie, who hopes to finally get the farm that he and George dreamed about for so many years. That bullet was not one of self-gain and. How values influence ethical and moral decisions Have you ever faced a difficult decision? Every day, we have to make decisions. Some of these decisions can be simple, but others can raise moral or ethical dilemmas.

Kelsey Oct 22, PM I think George did not do the right thing at the end of the book because I believe Lennie still had a reason for living and that should not have been taken away from him. There were plenty of other solutions to Lennie's problem than killing him. I didn't read the other responses, so they might have said the exact thing I'm going to say but You have to remember, the story does not take place in It takes place during the Great Depression.

If the mob had gotten him, Lennie would've died a worse death or gone I also think that George should not have given up on his and Lennie's.
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Lennie 's Fate : An Ever Approaching Inevitability

I agree with the statement that George had no right to kill Lenny and should be put on trial for murder. George took matters into his own hands and did something worse than Lennie by killing him. People would have been able to see his condition very easily, in the way he talked, the way he acted around people, and his child-like behavior. These are reasons as to why he would not have been executed or jailed for his crime, well at least not jailed forever. George must have been thinking that the authorities were either going to kill him, lock him up, or that Curley would seek out revenge.

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