Ill always love you forever

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ill always love you forever

Big Hero 6: Brave New Heroes by Chris Claremont


WOW!!! The Marvel comic that inspired the awesome Disney movie! And the author is Chris Claremont! This is going to be a blast of a read!!!



The story is a mess, characters are lame (or just eye-candy) and author writes on auto-pilot recycling old ideas from his long run on X-Men and New Mutants.
Example: Honey Lemon turning evil after being possessed reminded me a lot of Malice taking control of Dazzler, Polaris and Rogue...

The manga style art was nice but I really hate it in Marvel titles. Sorry.

And characters have just the names in common with the ones in the movie, which is far better than the book that inspired (not much)it. Strange but true.

Im sure smiling Stan Lee agrees with me.

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Heatwave - Always and Forever (Official Audio)

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Chris Claremont

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Or maybe. But definitely not yes. I cannot know if I will always love you. I love you now. Then hours, days, weeks, months may go by and I will love you again. It is likely I will fall in and out of love with you. I would be lying.

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The Bodyguard. What the new doc on Whitney Houston, simply called Whitney , makes abundantly clear is that her life as a celebrity was far more interesting than her chart-unstoppable songs. In her voice, we heard the death of a long tradition of expressing, in popular terms, deep human emotions soul music and the emergence of the sheerness of presence. This was a now-ness even surpassing that of the android in Blade Runner , Rachel, which at least had artificial memories. There was no past to speak of with Whitney. There was just there there. This is how she sounded in song after song.

Always and forever Each moment with you Is just like a dream to me That somehow came true, yeah. And I know tomorrow Will still be the same 'Cause we got a life of love That won't ever change and. Everyday love me your own special way Melt all my heart away with a smile Take time to tell me you really care And we'll share tomorrow together Ooh baby, I'll always love you forever Ever, ever, ever. There'll always be sunshine When I look at you, yeah It's something I can't explain Just the things that you do. And if you get lonely Call me and take A second to give to me That magic you make and.


  1. Talbot F. says:

    Melt all my heart away with a smile. Take time to tell me you really care. And we'll share tomorrow together. Ooh baby, I'll always love you forever. Ever, ever.

  2. Carolos T. says:

    i will always love you forever and ever <3. Let You Go love love quotes i love you v Love quotes of falling in love warm our hearts and fill our souls. Our ever.

  3. Bernard D. says:

    I will always love you forever. likes. Music Video.

  4. Tusnelda M. says:

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