Of love and sea glass book

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of love and sea glass book

Of Love and Sea Glass: Inspirational Quotes and Treasured Gifts From the Sea by Donald Verger

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Of Love & Sea Glass is an appreciation of the search for quiet beauty. It showcases and celebrates the small and silent world of sea glass, tempting our imagination, returning us to a sense of wonder, love and delight. Illuminated by artful images, the books inspirational quotes honor the wisdom of those whove gone before us and can guide the way.

Each page unfolds in a provocative visual display of sea glass designs, leading the reader to consider what may be possible when we, too, allow the forces of nature to temper our hearts and souls.

Augmented with words to advise, uplift and accompany us on our own journeys, Of Love & Sea Glass encourages us to let our sense of wonder lead us into the vast mystery of that which lies within and beyond.

This brand new exciting sea glass giftbook is a wonderful gift for anyone who loves the ocean or sea glass! Amazing photos of sea glass pieces from around the world which includes inspiring quotes about sea life and love. This stunning gift book is 6 x 6 and has a gorgeous embossed dust jacket with a hard cover.

This book is also available in a CD desk version! - Perfect for your office or desk at home! Makes a unique gift!
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Mosaic Sea Glass Flowers And Fan Mail Ga. U.S.A.

My Favorite Sea Glass Books

Books about sea glass are popping up as often as daisies in summer. Most of these books are worthwhile, and I have read and enjoyed a number of them and have listed my favorite sea glass books below. The best of the bunch are my two favorites by author and sea glass expert, Richard LaMotte. Although I had been collecting for many years I had never really thought about the origins of the glass or its history. There is no question that the publication of his book precipitated the explosive interest in everything sea glass.

I was just wondering if anyone knows of any books on collecting sea glass? If you know of any, like telling how to get started and photos and stuff about where to go and what to do with your sea glass, please comment below.
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December 19, by Pearl. Donald Verger Art Calendars. The quiet beauty of these treasured gifts from the sea is a joy to behold. It is also a perfect gift at any other time of the year to present this expression of love and encouragement to someone dear. Yet, this little beauty can still command a spot on the coffee table. Comments RSS.

I love getting lost in Instagram, but there's something about the smell of a book and touching glossy pages full of beautiful sea glass images. Not to mention they look great on my bookshelf! While the internet is an incredible way to share instantly, sometimes I just want to unplug and reach back into a more nostalgic way of discovering other people's sea glass adventures. I can easily get lost online, following links and getting sidetracked. With a luxurious book, however, all I can to is turn another page. Here are some of my "haves", "wants" and "needs" from the world of sea glass books.


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