Breaking up while in love

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breaking up while in love

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Published 17.05.2019

5 Ways to Deal With a Break Up

Breaking up with someone you're still in love with, or who's your best friend, While most breakups are at least a little bit unpleasant, severing.

On breaking up while you're still in love

For most of my life, I had believed that break-ups only occurred after some terrible breach of trust. Some act of infidelity. There was a specific instance you could pinpoint where one person did something unforgivable and therein would be the impetus for the break up. But what if you had to break up when neither person had committed some awful relationship sin? How are you supposed to cope with that? Not easily as it turns out.

Different people handle difficulty in different ways. Most of the time, the reason they feel this is because the relationship has become boring, routine, stressful, unsafe, or one or both of you have changed. However, there are situations where breakups occur but none of those things are happening and there is no loss of love or attraction. Over time, your ex started feeling worn down and considered that maybe the person of influence was correct. So rather than continue to get closer to you, they cut their losses so that you would not hurt them in the future.

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While most breakups are at least a little bit unpleasant , severing romantic ties with someone you love , be it in a best-friend way or a passionate I'm-infatuated-with-you-but-also-unhappy-in-this-relationship-likepercent-of-the-time, is profoundly shitty. There's just no way around it—it sucks. Losing someone who knows you better than anyone is a unique hell, as is maturely breaking off a toxic relationship and with it, the intoxicating sex. But if you're reading this, you probably know that what's coming is going to temporarily unhinge your life, but a part of you, however small, also knows that you have to go through with it for a shot at real happiness someday. Here's how to do it and how to make it a little less agonizing :. It's hard to change when you can't exactly pinpoint what's wrong or how the partnership differs from the life you want to be living. In situations where one person wants kids while the other doesn't or one partner values transparency while the other keeps betraying their trust, it's very hard to find middle ground.


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