Love and a question poem

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love and a question poem

Against Love Poetry: Poems by Eavan Boland

Boland uses the first half of this collection to set out her thoughts on the nature of love, and the remaining poems display her mastery of diverse topics. She uses her Irish identity to good effect, as also her experience of migration, and it is always clear that the poet is a woman with things to say from that perspective; the collection as a whole has the air of a mature reflection over a life lived fully. Her poems are serious and often profound, her ideas are original and quite inspirational, her imagery is kaleidoscopic and she can tell fantastic stories in the most simple terms. She has a very accessible style: nothing is dry and many poems are light hearted. Most of all, her poetry is gobsmackingly effective. I am so delighted that I stumbled upon this beautiful collection.
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Love and A Question By Robert Frost

He bore a green-white stick in his hand,. And, for all burden, care. He asked with the eyes more than the lips. For a shelter for the night,. And he turned and.
Eavan Boland

“Love and a Question”

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As we have seen in previous weeks, these themes include mortality, transition and the importance of historical memory. Today, we turn to the theme of love. As a concept, love may seem outwardly simple. But on closer inspection, questions arise: Whom should I love? How should I manifest my love? Who deserves my love, and who does not? He may be a harmless drifter, desperate for shelter on a cold night, or he may be a thief or even a murderer with evil intentions concealed behind his friendly request for shelter.

Love and a Question by Robert Frost

Frost chose to write this piece with a consistent rhyme scheme. It follows the pattern of abcbdefe, alternating end sounds as he saw fit. The meter is less consistent. The poem is set in the countryside, somewhere unnamed, but clearly far from any other bastion of civilization. It also produces the final question of the poem, is it worth taking a risk to help others? The physical setting of the poem adds in elemental concerns that also drive the narrative.

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