Dale i said no power tools

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dale i said no power tools

sed & awk by Dale Dougherty

This book helped me gain a better understanding of sed, awk, grep, printf, and Regular Expressions.

Although this book is quite comprehensive, it reminded me of the Manning * In Action books. All of the material in the book is covered through a series of examples. I was able to get a good grasp on the concepts and features by following along in the terminal.

One thing that didnt work for me was, many of the examples, especially in the sed section, involved troff macros. I have never encountered these in-the-wild, so the those examples werent very effective.

Overall, I would recommend this book to anyone who finds themselves repeatedly Googling things like, bash remove xyz after match, or bash print only 4th field after pattern, etc. After reading this book there are still times when I need to search for those types of things, but my ability to interpret and understand the Stack Overflow answers is dramatically improved.

Even if I will never write anything I am comfortable calling a program in AWK, at least I no longer need to keep scrolling anytime I see a Stack Overflow answer that spans more than one line.
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Dale Dougherty


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