Let it die nothing to declare

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let it die nothing to declare

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Published 19.05.2019

Let it Die - Survive Said The Prophet [Magic Hour Mix] (Studio Quality)

#OST Let It Die - Nothing To Declare - Let It Die #TC by TowerOfBarbs on SoundCloud - Hear the world's sounds.

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A lot is going on in our nation and at the same time nothing is going on. The Marines and Navy Seals have leaked important information about conditions in combat years ago and conditions in peace today. Another American was just killed in Afghanistan and another American veteran has just driven into a crowd of people that he thought were Muslims. I keep telling people to leave innocent people alone in war and in peace. And I am one who does not want to hear another person say I follow the commander-in-chief.

This morning we got nearly identical media portrayals of a bold, empowered President full of confidence and swagger, backed by his Sorkinesque staff of brilliant, funny, wise-beyond-their-years speechwriters and White House aides fighting the Good Fight against the Forces of Darkness. They will portray an unbowed Obama who has shaken off the stomping his party took in the election and is more powerful and confident than ever. Republicans would be wise to bear in mind the truth of the night; Obama is a spent force, reduced to hectoring, legislative trolling and executive orders. Congress is under no obligation to play his game. State of the Union speeches rarely make fundamental differences in legislative terms, to say nothing of the political climate. Obama will fill the agenda void and use the power of the Oval Office unless and until Republicans push forward with a smarter, sharper legislative and political message.

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    A plan for UK-EU trade outside the Customs Union | Open Europe

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    Let It Die Lyrics: You said / You said that it won't matter in the end / You close your eyes and let it / I wished that you headed to the shadows.

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