That which cannot be seen

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that which cannot be seen

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Published 21.05.2019

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The storm damage cannot be seen through the door of a subway car, at least by the untrained eye. His windows cannot be seen through , his doors cannot be opened and the figures produce no element of vitality into the rooms. Scott yelled several times for her husband to "get out the car," but on the video, he cannot be seen through the window of the S. Scott shouted, as the video showed her backing away and panning to the ground. Plotz, according to the paper, has found that the agent which causes measles is one of the filterable viruses: that is, an agent which is so small it passes through the finest filter and cannot be seen through the most powerful microscope available. The patient is blinded for the intervention by means of a mask that cannot be seen through. However, this exposes patients and caregivers to ionizing radiation, and blue dyes cannot be seen through skin and fatty tissue.

We do not live in a society but in a collective. When we are in a collective it is because we collect things. A aspect of the history of our so-called world, especially the scientific modern world, is to have invented collections. Armin Linke has set the initial frame by sharing photographs with thinkers from various fields and inviting them to react. By reading these images through their theories and concepts, each produces a selection illustrating their vision of contemporary society.

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ufo abductions a global phenomenon

That which cannot be seen

For more than twenty years, Armin Linke has been photographing the effects of globalization, the wholesale transformation of infrastructures, and the networking of the post-industrial society via digital information and communication technologies. His photographs show that the modern world is a massive profusion of data, where the material infrastructures, consisting of computer centres, data highways, and server rooms, are largely invisible.,





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    That which cannot be seen

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    That which cannot be seen a) Insensible b) Intangible c) Invisible d) Unseen.

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