Two hairy bikers asian adventure

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two hairy bikers asian adventure

The Hairy Bikers Asian Adventure by Hairy Bikers

This TV tie-in cookbook to The Hairy Bikers Asian Adventure BBC series, airing in 2014, follows the boys travels through Thailand, Korea, Japan and Vietnam to put together their favourite Asian dishes. Journeying through the spice plantations, cardamom hills, buzzing street stalls, rice paddies and abundant coastlines of the great eastern continent, Si and Dave find the most exciting authentic recipes for you to cook at home.
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Published 23.05.2019

The Hairy Bikers - South Korea Part 2

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Following on from their adventures in Hong Kong and Thailand this pair of British TV personalities fulfilled a lifetime ambition when they came to Japan for a couple of weeks. Two Japan shows have been filmed and the first one, which aired on BBC2 last Thursday, was centred around their time in the gastronomic capital of the world known as Tokyo. You can watch the episode here. Their strong and passionate interest in the country, its food and everything else was nice to see and they were just laughing and enjoying themselves whilst never making fun of the locals. Dave has a bear katsu curry rice dish. Of course fish is very important for Japanese cuisine and they say that Japanese sushi is overtaking some sandwiches as the choice of lunch for many British people. Anyway, Dave gets to make and serve his own sushi above right which may sound like a very simple thing and it kind of is!

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Sign in. - With incredible access to hidden worlds — from a sumo wrestling stable in Japan to a hill tribe in remote Northern Thailand — the Bikers will uncover the food secrets of these countries and get under the skin of the local way of life.

By Judith Woods. Once upon a time, before the 10 television series and the 11 best-selling cookbooks and the national treasure status, a leading, but nameless telly bigwig told the Hairy Bikers that their idea for a foodie show was doomed. Viewers of these sorts of shows want to look at the screen and wish they were you. Even now, years later, Dave Myers the dark one, of Strictly fame still seems more hurt than you might expect of someone calling himself a Hairy Biker. It was stupid; here I am on the open road, on a bike, with me best mate, eating loads of great food and meeting the most amazing people! The other half of the duo, Si Simon King is nodding sagely. As, by now, are you, dear reader, because the Hairy Bikers concept is a winner, even — quite possibly, particularly — among those of us who are neither hairy nor bikers.


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