Why do things keep going wrong

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why do things keep going wrong

When Things Go Wrong Quotes (25 quotes)

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Published 23.05.2019

When Everything Goes Wrong (Ruth 1) - Pastor Daniel

When things are going wrong, it's hard to recognize what is going right. . But sometimes, certain situations arise in life that makes it hard to keep a positive.


Things always and never go wrong. There is only so much that we can actually control in our lives. Yes… it does blow. That may sound easier said than done, but there are several techniques you can use once you accept that the things out of your control are actually out of your control the Internet can provide you with those. This is usually the point when we push even harder, trying to force the results that we wish to see — trying to force success. Sometimes things take time to develop and mature.

What should a person do when everything appears to be going wrong in their life? Answer by Milena Rangelov , reborn through her quarter-life crisis into a creative, happy person, on Quora :. Oh, man, I have been there many times. Downward spiral , where the worse it gets the worse it gets. Here are 10 things that I found helpful in those difficult times to change my thoughts , my attitude, and finally, my circumstances:. To start, make a detailed, scary list of the various aspects of your life.

2. Change.

Life is a pain in the ass. Life is tough no matter who you are. Because we can want things with all our soul, we find ourselves going after what we want. Wanting something with every fiber of your body and being denied it, is a form of torture. Moments like these require as much focus as possible. These pointers will help as well:. Most would do the exact opposite — delve deeper into the issue at hand, ponder and worry away regardless of whether or not there is a solution.

We've all had those days months or years, anyone? They threaten to knock us down and stop us from moving forward. When everything goes wrong, we may be caught unawares. Times like these can blindside us, but this doesn't always stop us from saying that we should have seen it coming. Maybe we did see it coming but didn't want to believe it. This can push us into a shame or blame spiral.

Sometimes, it just feels like nothing in your world is going right. After all, happiness is not found in the absence of problems but in the ability to deal with problems. Here are 8 things to remember the next time you feel like everything has gone wrong. Although pain is challenging, it never comes into your life without a purpose. So, it is often a sign that you need to move forward in some way. It can be very challenging to leave outdated parts of your life behind.


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    Aug 24, What should a person do when everything appears to be going wrong in Here are 10 things that I found helpful in those difficult times to change We want to keep on doing whatever we're doing but to have different results.

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    And often more than one thing at a time.

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