Honey bear don t care

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honey bear don t care

Honey Badger Dont Care: Randalls Guide to Crazy, Nastyass Animals by Christopher Gordon

Randall seems to know his audience well and fans of Randalls unique animal documentaries will enjoy this book. Unlike Stuff White People Like, Shit My Dad Says and I am America - he seems to realize that his shtick works well in a small format rather than a massive book or entire TV series.

This certainly is fun in that Randalls personal style comes through very strongly. But dont be fooled, folks. This book aint all about Honey Badgers - though their badassery cant be denied - it contains a few other unique species. There are many, many photos as well as a run down on each unique little animal. And there are a few unique guys in here. Maybe because Im all the way from Australia - but I was completely oblivious to this little bundle of cutosity:

Pink Fairy Armadillo says, Take me home! But only in your hearts... because Im endangered so you should totes protect my environment. Just sayin.

Yet this book isnt just about mocking animals and amusing ourselves with their weird-ass, crazy ways and looks. Its a conservation effort. Every animal mentioned in this book is endangered - most of them critically. A few of them Ive scarcely ever heard of.

My one critique of an otherwise funny gag book would be that there were a couple of factual errors that annoyed me. Only, I cant be sure they were intentional for the use of humour, or earnest mistakes.

Otherwise, this is certainly an amusing read. Not that the Honey Badger cares whether I approve or not. Because, if Ive learned anything, its that Honey Badgers dont give a shit.

Because I cant help myself when it comes to teh cute!
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Honey Badgers: They Don't Care

Honey Badger Don't Care: Randall's Guide to Crazy, Nastyass Animals

Randall, who still maintains an entire YouTube channel of animal videos as well as songs and rants, wisely cashed in on his newfound fame. At one point, a TV show was in the works, but it never materialized. The original honey badger video has been viewed nearly 90 million times as of June Probably not FDA-approved …. Menu Dictionary. Submit Definitions Synonyms Editorial All the words.

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It caught our attention and we wanted to know what happened next! So here Dirk shares with us this amazing wildlife encounter that he managed to capture on camera. Feedback from experienced bush folk is that this honey badger could have rabies — hence his emaciated state and elevated aggression levels. I was starting to get a bit bored and was about to leave and head back to camp when I saw movement in the distance. I was pleasantly surprised when I realised it was a honey badger approaching.

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Even in a crowded platform landscape, TopBuzz offers discovery and revenue prospects that these creators describe as irrefutably additive. Like many viral videos before it, The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger is as hilarious as it is inexplicable. In the clip, dating back to Jan. In a campy tone with an emphatic New York accent, Randall recounts how the animal mercilessly chomps on snakes, mice, and bees. More recently, Gordon has also sought to branch out from a platform perspective. In addition to his YouTube channel, which counts roughly , subscribers, he has started to distribute his content on TopBuzz — a news and content aggregation platform — where he shares narration clips about myriad subjects, including African birds and over-the-top arm wrestling. We spoke with Gordon about the experience of going viral, his mission of wildlife preservation, and why he says that TopBuzz is the most lucrative platform of any on which he is currently active.

Bach 's Cello Suite No. Since its release, the video has gained almost million views. Randall stated he chose to redub the National Geographic footage because "this animal eats King Cobras, demolishes animals, and this narrator that is so boring, so I said, 'we need to spice this thing up. The video received much attention in early , garnering over 90 million views since its release. References to the video have appeared in American Pickers , Hot in Cleveland , and Glee , [8] with frozen yogurt chain Red Mango offering a flavor named "Honey Badger".



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