Humans of new york school project

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humans of new york school project

Humans of New York: Stories by Brandon Stanton

In the summer of 2010, photographer Brandon Stanton began an ambitious project -to single-handedly create a photographic census of New York City. The photos he took and the accompanying interviews became the blog Humans of New York. In the first three years, his audience steadily grew from a few hundred to over one million. In 2013, his book Humans of New York, based on that blog, was published and immediately catapulted to the top of the NY Times Bestseller List. It has appeared on that list for over twenty-five weeks to date. The appeal of HONY has been so great that in the course of the next year Brandons following increased tenfold to, now, over 12 million followers on Facebook. In the summer of 2014, the UN chose him to travel around the world on a goodwill mission that had followers meeting people from Iraq to the Ukraine to Mexico City via the photos he took.

Now, Brandon is back with the follow up to Humans of New York that his loyal followers have been waiting for: Humans of New York: Stories. Ever since Brandon began interviewing people on the streets of NY, the dialogue hes had with them has increasingly become as in-depth, intriguing and moving as the photos themselves. Humans of New York: Stories presents a whole new group of humans, complete with stories that delve deeper and surprise with greater candour. Let Brandon Stanton and the people hes photographed astonish you.
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Humans of New York

May 16, You might also take a look at a few more modest projects inspired by Humans of New York at high schools all over. Here are some created by.
Brandon Stanton

Skills and Strategies | Photo Projects Inspired by ‘Humans of New York’

By Signing up, you agree to our privacy policy. With so much demoralizing education news out there, it's wonderful to see such an inspiring story. The responses they allow to be promoted publicly are illuminating to their peers and to the wider audience of the popular photoblog. The project began as a catalog of 10, citizens in New York City, where Stanton takes a casual snapshot and asks them questions about their lives. It has since grown to have over 8 million social media followers, and to inspire a large number of similar projects in cities around the world. The blog provides brief insight into the lives of strangers, and is a powerful and poignant portrait of one of the greatest cities in the world. While possibly some educators yearn for the visibility provided by HONY, many humbly go about their work without fanfare or any publicity.

Jan 18, Faces, names, and stories that used to lay dormant in high school Humans of New York — the viral photography blog known for Read more about HONY creator Brandon Stanton's original philosophy for the project.
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Faces, names, and stories that used to lay dormant in high school hallways are being broadcast around the Internet for all to see. Humans of New York — the viral photography blog known for chronicling every day images of New Yorkers — has influenced a handful of New York City high schools to start their own Facebook pages. The "humans of" concept became an Internet phenomenon after the New York blog was launched in , and has since spread to other cities around the world. Colleges and universities have also joined the movement, with schools like New York University and Syracuse University creating Facebook photoblogs of campus life. Now, high schools are representing this unique way of storytelling with teen-run Facebook pages replicating the "humans of" style of photography and caption-writing.


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