Why being humble is important

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why being humble is important

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Published 24.05.2019


8 Psychological Benefits of Being Humble

Being humble means that you are not boastful or arrogant and that you do not put yourself at a higher position than anyone else. Why is it important to be humble? Usually, the most humble people are also the most generous. Humble people usually don't expect things from other people, but give and love without any expectation of something in return. It is important to be humble because in most situations it is the right thing to do. When someone is kind to you or does something for you, and they do it out of the kindness of their heart, you show gratitude, right? Well, say someone was simply doing that nice thing for you because they would get gratitude in return?

What hope for humility as society celebrates over-confidence, entitlement and the ego? People are increasingly competitive, attention-seeking, narcissistic, obsessed with their appearance and entitled. A new study, though, underlines eight ways in which being humble can help us improve our lives Kesebir, Instead of erecting self-defenses against death, humble people tend to find it provides a useful perspective on life and how it should be lived. Humble leaders are not only better liked, as you might imagine, but they are also more effective.

Living the Blessed Life

Kalanick's videotaped clash with a driver over prices has become the company's latest public image nightmare. From sexual harassment scandals, to allegations of a covert operation designed to avoid the regulators in key markets, it seems like every time you look up there is a new problem plaguing the transportation behemoth. Kalanick personally, nor do I have any special insight into the trials and tribulations of Uber. No one likes dealing with egomaniacs. There are few things as off-putting as people who view themselves as being better than others or above the rules. In my early twenties, I had a fair bit of success in my career and was pretty proud of myself.

It's actually the behaviour which can make or break the prospects for an entrepreneur. As in every profession, humility is an important trait an entrepreneur should possess. Being humble takes one ahead in the long run in their personal as well as professional lives. In entrepreneurship, humility takes a greater role. When you are starting from scratch, it is your nature that also helps attract the right talent in your direction. Similarly, as one grows it is their humility that keeps them in touch with the ground reality and also develop a persona that is loved by all.

We can all be a little prideful at times. Try to always maintain a certain sense of humility so that you are able to contemplate new ideas from different angles and are therefore always able to expand intellectually and in all areas. Through logical progression and objective detachment you can separate your ego from your knowledge. If you are not completely sure of your particular point, if you do not have all the evidence to prove your particular belief, always make sure that you phrase your belief in a way that does not make you sound like you are the final and undeniable authority on this particular point. Maintaining a level of humility is always good strategy. It allows you to adopt a position where you can state your point without being attacked because you are sounding like you are somehow indisputable in your knowledge.


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    Being Humble: Why It's Important to God | Inspiration Ministries

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    Why is it important to be humble? Usually, the most humble people are also the most generous. Humble people usually don't expect things.

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