Romance authors who use ghostwriters

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romance authors who use ghostwriters

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Published 24.05.2019

How To Hire A Ghostwriter To Write A Book For You!

Ghostwriting as an Extra Income Stream for Indie Authors

This is about Cristiane Serruya, who plagiarized from more than 36 books and up to 28 different authors. But what really pisses me off is Serruya putting the blame on a Fiverr ghostwriter who has since deleted their account. Even before Serruya offered the excuse, people were crying ghostwriter. Sarah from Smart Bitches wrote:. My theory, and purely a theory: ghost writers. To be fair, she later updated the article with a mention of a ghostwriter who had been ripped off by Serruya. In high school, I ghostwrote romance novels to make some extra money.

My childhood friends and I would be chucking balls at each other at Chuck E. Cheese while my mom sat in a corner, nose deep in Corset Ripper No. For that reason, I never took the genre seriously, much less imagined myself ever writing it. I was searching for writing gigs when I came across a job listing for an erotic romance ghostwriter for an ebook publisher. I was already aware of these types of jobs, and normally they paid peanuts, but this particular company said promotional opportunities were available that could lead to more cash. And money aside, it also just looked really fun. Getting paid to write about rich jerks and their outlandish sexcapades?

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How to Find a Ghostwriter? 3 Tips for Book Authors

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. I wrote my first ebook in It was a book about how to make money as an editorial freelancer. Some of those jobs were work-from-home jobs, eg, copy editing, proofreading, and word processing at the time. Temps who would go on site wanted to know how to get more of the work-from-home gigs. Hence, I was getting a lot of questions about how to snag these kind work-at-home jobs. Back then, people had to send payment and wait for me to manually email the info.

Ever flip through a book and wonder about its author? The real person behind the words may surprise you. It may be a sixteen-year-old teenager, jotting down scenes during Algebra class. Or a grandfather, supplementing his retirement income with steamy bestsellers. Or it may

Last week, news of the CopyPasteCris plagiarism scandal hit the writing world 52 books, 34 authors, 3 articles, 3 websites, 2 recipes and counting. As I mentioned last time, two topics beyond the extreme plagiarism have gained attention:. Even though the CopyPasteCris case is about plagiarism and not ghostwriting, more authors and readers now know that ghostwriters exist for fiction. Given that most of us learned about ghostwriting due to celebrity books, I invited award-winning author and ghostwriter Shiloh Walker to come by last time to help us understand the facts beyond our assumptions about this profession. Not surprisingly, both authors and readers have valid concerns about the ethics of using ghostwriters.


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