Love comes softly movie review

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love comes softly movie review

Love Comes Softly (Love Comes Softly, #1) by Janette Oke

Marty and Clem set out for the pioneer West full of hopes and dreams. They would stake a claim of their own on the new frontier, and build a home for themselves and their family.

But just after theyd arrived and Clem had chosen the perfect setting for their new home, an accident took his life...leaving Marty alone and pregnant. Then, on the day of his funeral, Clark Davis came along...and asked Marty to marry him!

Marty was infuriated -- but with no money, no shelter, and a baby on the way, what choice did she have? Besides, Clark said he only wanted her to be a mama to his baby girl, Missie. If Marty was still unhappy come spring, he would pay for her ticket back East.

Determined not to be a burden to Clark, and intending only to earn her keep. Marty threw herself into her new role of Mama. But she had never been anyones mama before, and she didnt even know how to keep a house! If only she could do right by this lonely man and his daughter just long enough to earn her train fare back home...

Now, Marty must learn wholeness and love through patience and faith
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Hallmark Movies 2016 ✰ Love Comes Softly

things turn out. Love Comes Softly first aired April 13, , on the Hallmark Channel. Critic Reviews for Love Comes Softly. All Critics (3) Actually even though it is a formula-type movie, it is believable - not bad even.
Janette Oke

Love Comes Softly (Movie Review)

While it would be easy to write a review for Love Comes Softly peppered with snarky jabs and cynical observations, the truth of the matter is that the film is immensely entertaining and engaging - albeit in an extremely old-fashioned and predictable manner. The movie is based on a novel written over twenty years ago by Janette Oke, who has since emerged with an entire series of books based on these characters, and it's easy enough to see why these characters have endured over the years. The film opens with Marty Katherine Heigl and Aaron Claridge Oliver Macready looking to start a new life in the West, when Aaron is tragically and suddenly killed en route. Marty hasn't even been grieving for a day when she receives an offer from a local widower named Clark Davis Dale Midkiff : Clark will offer Marty room and board if she will agree to help raise his rambunctious daughter Missie Skye McCole Bartusiak. Marty begrudgingly accepts, primarily because she doesn't have a whole lot of options, and moves in with the Davis'. Not surprisingly, both Marty and Missie aren't thrilled with this arrangement - though the two begin to bond as the months go by.

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Love Comes Softly is a made-for-television Christian drama film set in the 19th century, based on a series of books by Janette Oke. It originally aired on Hallmark Channel on April 13, It was directed by Michael Landon Jr. It is the first in a series of television movies made for Hallmark Channel based on the books and produced for Hallmark by Larry Levinson Productions. Marty Claridge Katherine Heigl has just moved out to the West with her husband Aaron Claridge Oliver Macready , who dies in a riding accident shortly after. Expecting her late husband's baby, Marty has nowhere to go and needs a place to stay through the winter. Desperate, she accepts the proposal offered by widower Clark Davis Dale Midkiff.


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