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5 minutes of heaven movie

90 Minutes in Heaven Quotes by Don Piper

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Rage, Forgiveness and Points in Between

In this corner, we have Liam Neeson as Alistair Little, a real-life Irish Protestant who joined the paramilitary Ulster Volunteer Forces as a teenager and has since renounced his violent ways. Not bloody likely. Mark Davison, the actor playing the young Alistair Little, is especially good. We viscerally feel the hatred of one group for another and see how it warps an adolescent soul into a fanatical killing machine. Neeson, in stark contrast, plays the grown Little with what appears to be eerie serenity. The killer has served his time and now gives speeches aimed at defusing sectarian violence in other parts of the world; he wants to talk down the young man he once was.

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Penitence meets vengeance

The historian Tim Pat Coogan wrote that the difficulty in resolving the conflict in Northern Ireland lies in the fact that both sides perceived themselves to be an oppressed minority surrounded by a hostile majority, and that both sides were right. It depends, in other words, on how the situation is framed, which sooner or later brings most movies about the Troubles crashing to earth. For all its arthouse rigor, Hunger ultimately sanctifies the suffering of the occupied, and In The Name Of The Father is an accomplished jingoist tract. Inspired by the sectarian murder of a Catholic dockworker in , Five Minutes Of Heaven belongs, along with Nothing Personal and Breakfast On Pluto , to the rare class of movies that try to encompass both sides of the conflict. Sixteen-year-old Alistair Little, his face still spotted with pimples, removes a revolver from its hiding place in a bag of Legos and gathers a group of young, scared-looking followers as they prepare to gun down year-old Jim Griffin Gerard Jordan. Their confrontation is to take place under the aegis of a television program whose producers are pushing for on-air closure, but Joe only has retribution on his mind, a few minutes of satisfaction to balance out a lifetime of sorrow. But the movie is light on insight, and its middle section feels distended, padded out to bring it up to feature length.

Two Irishmen talk and talk and talk, often in separate physical spaces that reflect their very different head spaces. Years later the adult Alistair and Joe Mr. Nesbitt are being chauffeured in separate cars to a reunion orchestrated for television during which they are meant to express their long-simmering feelings. Initially Mr. Nesbitt, his head bobbing and weaving, plays a man whose anguish appears to be shaking him up from the inside out, knocking and rattling around his guts, rib cage, head. When the movie cuts from Mr. Neeson, by contrast, who can loom so large on screen, at first seems somewhat physically diminished in the constrained space of a car, his big body shrouded by the low lighting.


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