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disney pixar inside out movie

Inside Out: The Junior Novelization by Suzanne Francis

I read this little book aloud to my brother! I was set on disliking the whole idea of the movie, finding the range limit of the Emotions frustrating. I mean, firstly, human beings have WAY more than these 5 emotions! GAH. The only emotions that are present as characters in this book is Joy, Anger, Sadness, Fear, and Disgust. For me, it was a immediate write off of interest. I dislike the idea of dumbing emotions down like that. Kids especially feel way more than these 5 things.
Regardless of my disinterest for the movie, we found the little junior novelization for cheap. So my bro and I decided to read it and judge it. Together. Haha.
As far as the story goes, I seriously felt like the character Fear through the whole thing. One of his lines was; Boo! Pick a plot line! Ha, basically, the story/plot just seemed pretty.... not my thing. I mean, the very idea of it just isnt that great. It isnt very Christian at all- emotions are not the bosses of us.... God made us each with a SOUL. So, this kinda off fling of some little cutesie- feelsy idea, is centered around the silly idea of emotions being the head of the mind.
Obviously, there are more emotions than this. However, lets say that for the sake of not going into some 7 hour in-depth physiological documentary, the writers decided to stick with just 5 emotions. Fair enough. However, for kids, a problem still remains! This book only shows Joy and Sadness getting along- basically, the Emotions see that they must have the other for things to go smooth. Or whatever. Something. One thing that drove me crazy was the fact that Riley (the girl) literally was a brat to her parents... no excuses, and yet, no punishment. So, the problem I had with this story is that kids do not learn respect or anything. They do not learn how to be a human, who isnt always controlled by their emotions (As Anger showed us in this story, that isnt good.), kids arent taught how to behave and understand that not all emotions are good things.... I guess my point is, the movie isnt downright awful, but it isnt good, either. It doesnt teach much in the large sphere. Its just some funzie story.
I have only one thing I liked about this story, actually. Well, maybe two.
The second one sort of being the ending with Bing Bong. The fact he sacrificed himself was something honorable, but yeah, of course that wasnt given a huge point. Instead, its more used for a tear jerking scene.
The reason i liked the book.... the saving grace, haha... Was Fear. Oh gosh I know it sounds weird, but that guy killed me! He had the best lines. I felt him. ;D
The book itself actually had some grammatical errors... but hey. Overall, if I was very bored, I wouldnt mind watching the movie, but I still have some ugh things about the story.
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INSIDE OUT - Trailer 2 - UK - Official Disney UK

Docter first began developing Inside Out in , after noticing changes in his daughter's personality as she grew older. The film's producers consulted numerous psychologists including Dacher Keltner from the University of California, Berkeley , [5] who helped revise the story by emphasizing the neuropsychological findings that human emotions affect interpersonal relationships and can be significantly moderated by them. The film was praised for its concept, screenplay, subject matter, Michael Giacchino 's musical score, and the vocal performances particularly those of Poehler, Smith, Black, and Richard Kind.
Suzanne Francis

Review: 'Inside Out' Is Pixar Perfection

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Before I get to the regular review, let's take a quick trip down Pixar's financial memory lane. All of those films opened domestically on the third or fourth weekend of June in their respective years, four straight years in a row. Inside Out is positioned within the same day June range and enters its opening weekend with critical acclaim on par with Toy Story 3. In fact, this latest Pixar film shares many qualities with the third Toy Story chapter, including a beautiful, rich, unexpectedly complex emotional arc that reveals itself slowly and will leave adults with jaws dropped and eyes damp. The film has possibly broader appeal than almost any previous Pixar film, with plenty for the youngest kids to enjoy but a story aimed at a slightly older near-teen and early-teen demographic, as well as more than the usual amount of smart storytelling and humor to appeal to the adults in the room. Indeed, this isn't a story simply for the children to enjoy in their own way and adults to enjoy separately -- it is a film meant to be shared by parents with their children, to bridge a gap between adolescents and adults, more than any animated film I've ever seen.




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