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i am a legend movie free download

I Am Legend by Richard Matheson


Honestly, this is a tough book to review.

I did like the story, but one of the biggest bothers for me here was not fully understanding why the world has gone to shit & why everyone is now a vampire.

The book just drops you right in the middle of Robert Nevilles situation, which is a day to day existence of killing vampires during the day & hiding in his house during the night.

Im the kind of SF reader who likes a bit of depth to be given to the cause of disaster, and this story largely glosses over the Why?

But Im coming at it from the angle of a reader who has exhausted the zombie/vampire/virus genre. For the time it was written, this probably struck readers in a much different way.

If youre basing your opinion of this book solely off your knowledge of the movie, Id ahead and throw that idea out the window because this book is nothing like the Will Smith, good-guy-out-to-save-humanity, crying-over-his-dog, self-sacrificing version Hollywood has created.

This is much darker.

In fact, I imagine a group of important movie folks came to the conclusion that Mathesons story is pretty nifty, but how about we throw out all the deep, scary conclusions about human nature & amp up the action x1000 & also we need a German Shepherd in there so Smith comes off as even more relatable & wholesome.

Robert Neville is not necessarily squeaky clean protagonist, and that realistic quality of his character is essential to the observations Matheson is making here. By the end, you arent 100% sure what outcome youre rooting for & for me that is one of the most powerful aspects of how the story is told.

But again, Im not sure Im fully on board with the details of why & how Neville has managed to survive for years under these conditions.

Neville has brick- & rock-proofed his home against the vampires that are constantly trying to get in with a reliable supply of garlic. He sound proofs his house, has a gas generator that he keeps running by way of a nearby gas station, and an ungodly amount of alcohol, cigarettes, and wine in his home.

I guess a scenario where all of those things exist in Nevilles possession isnt outlandish but the story itself wasnt long enough to explore any sort of break down of these proofs, and thus it felt a bit unrealistic to me.

Even so, Matheson does well in capturing the absolute lowest levels of human desperation, taking us down deep into the terrifying subconscious of a secluded man on the brink of losing his ability to be compassionate & remember what it means to be human.

The pro here is, if youre curious about this story, its short & will only take a bit of time to consume. If you dont love it, no big loss. If you do, well now you know!

Unfortunately I didnt love it, but I appreciate the concepts here & I definitely enjoyed the last 1/4 a lot more than the first 3/4. Worth a read!

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Please refresh the page and retry. I Am Legend , directed by Francis Lawrence, is the latest adaptation of Richard Matheson's novel of the same name, following two earlier versions - The Last Man on Earth and The Omega Man - of which the latter, starring Charlton Heston, used to give young children the willies when it was shown on television. He plays Robert Neville, a military scientist who appears to be the last human survivor of a deadly virus that was initially hailed by its discoverer, the aptly named Dr Krippen Emma Thompson , as a cure for cancer.
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It was influential in the development of the zombie-vampire genre and in popularizing the concept of a worldwide apocalypse due to disease. It was also an inspiration behind Night of the Living Dead Robert Neville appears to be the sole survivor of a pandemic that has killed most of the human population and turned the remainder into " vampires " that largely conform to their stereotypes in fiction and folklore: they are blood-sucking , pale-skinned, and nocturnal, though otherwise indistinguishable from normal humans. Implicitly set in Los Angeles , the novel details Neville's life in the months and eventually years after the outbreak as he attempts to comprehend, research, and possibly cure the disease. Swarms of vampires surround his house nightly and try to find ways to get inside, which includes the females exposing themselves and his vampire neighbor relentlessly shouting for him to come out. Neville survives by barricading himself inside his house every night; he is further protected by the traditional vampire repellents of garlic, mirrors, and crucifixes.

Perhaps Hollywood is learning. Warner Bros has instead decided to retool a spec script by Gary Graham, a little-known screenwriter who was working in a Manhattan Apple store when he got the call from Hollywood, in order to launch an entirely new franchise. Warner Bros apparently saw details that tied in to the universe presented in I Am Legend, so we can assume the mutant vampires will replace the Indians, with a new character setting out to retrieve a beloved family member from their clutches. I have mixed feelings about this. I suspect most people were drawn to the concept of a Will Smith blockbuster and those enticing early trailers in which one man careers through the abandoned streets of Manhattan, seeing off wild animals and mutants in the company of his trusty dog. Were they really so interested in the wider universe presented by director Francis Lawrence, complete with crap CGI vampires and thinly written supporting parts? Will they turn up for another movie without Smith in it?

Movie Overview. I Am Legend Movie Free Download Full HD p Dual Audio Robert Neville (Will Smith), a brilliant scientist, is a survivor of a man-made .
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Or are bloodthirsty shoot-em-up or offer challenging visions of a future society frightening. The couple seldom go hand in hand.

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    Robert Neville is a brilliant scientist, but even he could not contain the terrible virus that was unstoppable, incurable, and man-made. Somehow immune, Neville.

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    I Am Legend () Years after a plague kills most of humanity and transforms the rest into monsters, the sole survivor in New York City struggles valiantly to find a cure. Hindi MP4 Movies Download, Watch Online I Am Legend Movie, Mobile Movies Free Download MP4, Latest.

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