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stephen king movies tv series

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Published 29.05.2019

The Mist Full Movie Stephen King Horror Movie

The best Stephen King movies … ranked!

Thu 22 Aug Cujo arguably has more thrills. Apt Pupil certainly has more chills. But with his sole directorial effort, Stephen King — that great chronicler of retro Americana — somehow made the perfect drive-in movie: a silly, slapdash nightmare of murderous vehicles and appliances attacking hysterical patrons including a bewildered Emilio Estevez at a truck stop. King gets arguably his prettiest screen surrogate in this slick, twisty thriller about a blocked writer Johnny Depp whose favoured lakeside retreat is interrupted by a vengeful rival John Turturro in a distinctive hat. Ban this sickle filth!

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It was a fitting badge of honor for King, the prolific horror novelist who has seen many of his books and stories transferred to film, often with only mixed success. As high school wallflower Carrie White Sissy Spacek struggles with an overbearing mother and vindictive mean-girl classmates, her latent telekinetic powers begin bubbling to the surface. - But nope, there was also Misery and The Green Mile!

Killer clowns. Haunted hotels. Whatever the hell the Tommyknockers are. Ever since the success of Carrie, the cinematic rights to the author's novels have been snapped up left and right by hungry studios, eager to turn his tales of horror into blockbuster hits. And with a wave of new King-inspired horrors on the way, there's never been a better time to look at the best Stephen King movies. It: Chapter 2 makes for the latest King adaptation to float into cinemas.

It's no accident that Stephen King is one of the most heavily-adapted writers in history. From fantasy epics and small-town horrors to psychological thrillers and far-out sci-fi romps, there's a King story for everyone. It certainly helps that King is also one of the most prolific writers around. Since , with the publication of Carrie , King has published 61 novels his latest, The Institute , has just been released and more than short stories, winning an entire Wikipedia page of awards and earning himself the title of The King Of Horror. The man has been giving us nightmares for as long as we can remember and there's no sign of him slowing down yet. P Lovecraft to Hollywood B-movies, 50's anthology shows and midwest Americana, King's style has always been uniquely cinematic - lending itself naturally to dozens of screen adaptations over the last four decades including classics like Carrie , The Shining , The Dead Zone , Misery , The Shawshank Redemption , The Mist and, most recently, It Chapter Two. Remember when King was turned into a plant monster from outer space?


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