Movie titles that sound like farts

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movie titles that sound like farts

Doctor Proctors Fart Powder (Doctor Proctor #1) by Jo Nesbø

Bestselling Norwegian mystery author Jo Nesbø enters the world of children’s books with Doctor Proctor’s Fart Powder, the first book in this very funny middle-grade series. Filled with magic, wit, and bathroom humor, Doctor Proctor will keep boys and girls laughing until the end.

Eleven-year-old Nilly is new to the neighborhood, but he is quick to make friends: Doctor Proctor, an eccentric professor who invents wacky potions and powders; and brainy Lisa, who is always teased by the twin terrors Truls and Trym. All is good farty fun when Nilly and Lisa help Doctor Proctor develop his latest invention, a powder that makes you fart. The powder makes Nilly and Lisa VERY popular at school when they sell it for 50 cents a bag. (And they get revenge on Truls and Trym by giving them an extra-strength dose of fart powder that shoots them up into a tree!)

But when Doctor Proctor creates an industrial-strength version that can send people to outer space, the kids must go to great lengths to protect the invention and keep it out of the hands of their neighbors, who want to use the powder for evil purposes.

In the spirit of Roald Dahl and Lemony Snicket, Doctor Proctor offers a winning combination of humor, adventure, and absurdity that kids (of all ages) will love—proving that Jo Nesbø can keep you on the edge of the seat and make your sides split in equal measure.
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Describe your latest fart using only a movie title. pichaelmarker [Edit] . Really someone like plasticnicki should have posted this. Robeson.
Jo Nesbø

The 10 Types of Farts Everyone Has

What exactly is a fart? Farting, also known as flatulence, is the act of passing intestinal gas from the anus. Intestinal gas comes from several sources : air we swallow, gas that seeps into our intestines from our blood, gas produced by chemical reactions in our guts, and gas produced by bacteria living in our guts. Burps are not farts that come out your mouth. They have to do with your stomach. Have you heard that saying: "Whoever smelt it, dealt it?

In a world full of big cynicism and seismic discord, it's time to celebrate and honor the little things that connect us. Sometimes those little things are random acts of kindness and generosity. Sometimes those little things are random acts of the digestive tract. And we're here to talk about the latter. Farting is part of the universal human experience. Farting knows no borders: every person from every corner of the globe breaks wind.

Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close

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The kindest of all farts - silent and not very smelly, escaping your butthole like a fluffy puppy gently squeezing through a doggy door. The lullaby of farts. You're on the toilet, you know a tropical shitstorm has been building behind your sphincter for hours now, and your butt precedes the imminent shit hurricane with a loud, bellowing, stank-ass fart that probably makes a few of the neighborhood dogs start barking wildly. Seems to mainly happen when you're at a friend's house or in a public bathroom. You gotta shit, but you see an opening in the near future - the problem is, your butt's fart pressurization is at maximum capacity, and you're either gonna let out a massive fart or even shit your pants if you don't do something fast.


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