Games that should be movies

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games that should be movies

The Hunger Games - Should I watch the movies before reading the books? Showing 1-31 of 31

Sagar Yeah trueee - also Ive realized that The Hunger Games movies, like the Harry Potter ones, are the kind of adaptations that assume youve read the books or at least know the background of the plot. If you dont read the books, youll barely understand what happens in the movie, and then youll be extremely uncomfortable and youll want to leave.
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7 More Video Games That Should Be Movies

David Ehrlich. The prevailing wisdom is that video game movies are awful, but surely that has to change at some point… right?

10 Video Games That Should Be Movies (And Who Should Direct Them)

What video games should be movies? Several of the most well known and popular video games of all time could easily be made into potentially excellent feature films. This list includes several of the biggest and best video games ever: Assassin's Creed, BioShock and some of the Zelda and Grand Theft Auto games as well. Vote for the games you think would make the best movies, vote down any that you don't think would work and of course, add any that might be missing. You can also rerank this list in any order you want. Adapting a great video game into a movie is a risky proposition. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it just doesn't.

What video games should be movies? Several of the most well known and popular video games of all time could easily be made into potentially excellent.
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Take a break from playing and watch the best video game movies of all time

Get the latest news and videos for this game daily, no spam, no fuss. A dark tale of mythic vengeance could dominate a summer movie landscape choked with tired reboots. Leave Blank. God of War You're Good to Go!

It's always tricky talking about video game movies simply because there isn't a strong history of movies based on video games. Part of the issue is arguably the interactivity of games and how players experience the stories as participants themselves. By the time the film adaptation comes around, fans already know what the material means to them personally and no film version could possibly stack up. There are also the problems of Hollywood simply picking games that aren't worthy of adaptation, completely missing the entire point of the game itself, or settling on hired guns rather than enlisting more creative filmmakers. In the era of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Transformers , however, licensed films are getting a lot more respect, making a lot more money, and bringing in a lot more talent, so there's hope for the video game movie. The Fallout universe is rich with possibilities, but Fallout: New Vegas lends itself well to a film version because the battle over Hoover Dam is a central point that anchors the entire story. People need water, they need power, and they're going to fight over both.


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    Out of the hundreds of thousands of films in the world currently in development, a large number of them serve as adaptations for mostly successful video games and video game franchises.

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    Almost everything in theaters these days is a sequel, prequel, reboot, remake, or spin-off of an existing franchise, or an adaptation of a novel, comic book, or video game.

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