Whatever happened to baby jane 1962 full movie

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whatever happened to baby jane 1962 full movie

What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? by Henry Farrell

Book jacket: Baby Jane, a child star of early vaudeville, resented having to grow up in the shadow of her prettier sister Blanche Hudson, who became Hollywoods reigning love goddess. Now, some fifty years later, they are together and alone. And reality has toppled crazily into eerie fantasy. Blanche now finds she is growing old in the shadow cast by Baby Jane -- and a very sinister shadow it is.
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Due to the length of the film, discussion was fairly short but it included: the theme of performance and imitation in melodrama and What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? The centrality of performance to melodrama generally which we have been focusing on particularly in the last few weeks , and to this film specifically, was noted. Of course, in part this is due to the fact both screen stars play characters who were once actresses.
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On a claustrophobic set, it dominates many shots, separating the upstairs captivity of the paraplegic Blanche from the downstairs lair of her deranged sister Jane. Although the two sisters live in a "mansion" that allegedly once belonged to Valentino, it is jammed between nosy neighbors and seems to consist only of a living room, a kitchen, a hallway and a bedroom for each sister. In this hothouse a lifelong rivalry turns vicious, in one of Hollywood's best gothic grotesqueries. The story involves sisters who were once movie stars, played by Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. The casting is one of the crucial successes of the film, although it is hard to imagine how Aldrich convinced the two divas to appear together. Rivals since the s, competitive, vain and touchy, they by all accounts hated each other in real life.

What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? is a American psychological horror thriller film . Since then, Blanche has led Jane to believe she was to blame for the accident, forcing Jane to be her full-time caregiver and stoking bitter resentment.
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Although the results heavily favor Davis and she earns the credit , it should be recognized that the plot, of necessity, allows her to run unfettered through all the stages of oncoming insanity. Crawford gives a quiet, remarkably fine interpretation of the crippled Blanche, held in emotionally by the nature and temperament of the role. Physically confined to a wheelchair and bed through the picture, she has to act from the inside and has her best scenes because she wisely underplays with Davis with a maid and those she plays alone. The slight basic tale is of two sisters, complete opposites. As children, Jane is Baby Jane, a vaudeville star and the idol of the public. As a result of an accident, hazily presented, Blanche is permanently crippled.


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