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candy candy final story translation

The Gifted Kids Survival Guide: A Teen Handbook by Judy Galbraith

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information about teen suicide—and how to intervene with a troubled friend
a wealth of additional resources including books, publications, associations, programs, and Web sites
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The Gifted Kids’ Survival Guide: A Teen Handbook is a must for gifted teens, their parents, teachers, counselors, and anyone who cares about smart, creative, curious kids.
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Candy Candy Ending Theme Japanese 1

Here we will periodically post excerpts of the Candy Candy Final Story in English, translated from the Italian published version. Please do not distribute any.
Judy Galbraith

Japanese to English translation: “Candy Candy Final Story” – Chapter 1, Part 2

Labels: candy candy final story , spanish translation. Great news for Spanish Candy fans! Thanks to a hard-working group of devoted fans, the Candy Candy Final Story is being translated into Spanish from the Italian edition of the novel! This is an unofficial FAN translation that is strictly non-profit and is provided purely to promote and share the wonderful story written by Keiko Nagita. Soon after its publication, avid international CC fans initiated worldwide petitions to translate the novel in their native language English, French, Spanish, Italian, and Greek. Aware of these petitions, the author had expressed her approval for the translation of her novel in foreign languages, but due to unexpected personal and professional issues, the final decision to allow translations by foreign publishers remained on hold. The first volume of the novel was already released in November, and the second volume was just published in May, !

However, in this case I received such great feedback that I decided to translate a bit more of the story. However, I request that you please do not post any of the translated text directly, as I may always go back and re-edit portions of it. The scent of freshly grown grass tickled her nose. She made a complete revolution, gazing up at the sky that surrounded her. Its blue color was almost bright enough to sting her eyes. A white cloud that was drifting by suddenly took on the shape of the carriage that Annie had ridden in.

Table of Contents at a glance

I know that many fans are not content with the manga ending. There are two versions of the novel. The first one was published around the same time the manga was running in late s, and the second one, which is the revision of the first novel and re-titled as Candy Candy Final Story, was released in Both versions were only available in Japan, until recently when Mizuki gave consent to an Italian publishing company, Kappalab, to publish the Candy Candy Final Story in Italian. Despite the differences among the 3 editions of the novel, there are no changes in the content.

I will keep updating this page whenever there are new updates. Please bookmark this page for your convenience. Section 2 Section 3 Epilogue. Frank Campbell Narrative 3 Letter to Mrs. Sara Leagan Letter to Mr.


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    Disclaimer: These are unofficial English translations of Candy Candy Final Story ( CCFS). I will keep updating this page whenever there are new updates. Please.

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