Which tortoise doesn t hibernate

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which tortoise doesn t hibernate

A Silly Snowy Day by Michael Coleman

When a tortoise named Shelley decides she wants to stay awake and see what winter is like instead of hibernating with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Tortoise say, Ridiculous! Shelley is determined though, and sets out to explore the snow and the cold. As she travels from the duck pond to the hilltop, she finds the other animals agree with her parents - a tortoise out in winter is ridiculous. And so Shelley decides to return home - and gets there much quicker than a tortoise can normally travel! Playful artwork perfectly sets the tone in this lighthearted story.

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How to hibernate your tortoise safely

Safer Hibernation and Your Tortoise. Please see new, updated text for latest, revised and current edition. In the past 10 years over 70, copies of the previous editions have been distributed to tortoise owners in Europe, and a very great many lives have been saved as a direct result.
Michael Coleman

We dont hibernate our tortoises

It is a common misconception that all tortoises hibernate in winter: some species of tortoise need to hibernate, some may or may not hibernate, and others do not hibernate at all. A specialist reptile or exotic vet can help you make the right choice. Hibernating can be risky for very small tortoises, so never try to hibernate a sick or underweight tortoise that has not fed well throughout the summer. It is suggested not to hibernate a tortoise under 3 years of age and using the Jackson ratio can help determine if your tortoise is the correct weight and size to hibernate. Feeding them a healthy, balanced diet during the summer months can help them prepare for their long sleep. If your vet gives him the all clear, set a date at the end of October or early November to start hibernation, and start to keep him warm in a vivarium or on a tortoise table. Your tortoise needs a full bladder but empty bowels before they hibernate.

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What is Aestivation?

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  1. Tim G. says:

    The breeds of tortoise that hibernate do so for health reasons.

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    We now deliver our tortoises using Walkers Euro Transport walkerseurotransport.

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  4. Serge G. says:

    Hibernation is the time when your tortoise or turtle will 'sleep' through the cold . Even if your tortoise doesn't die, freezing temperatures can cause blindness or.

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