Dream of mouse biting me

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dream of mouse biting me

The Mousewife by Rumer Godden

Day in and day out the dutiful mousewife works alongside her mousehusband. The house of Miss Barbara Wilkinson, where the Mouses make their home, is a nice house and the mousewife is for the most part happy with her lot—and yet she yearns for something more. But what? Her husband, for one, can’t imagine. “I think about cheese,” he advises her. “Why don’t you think about cheese?”

Then an odd and exotic new creature, a turtledove, is brought into the house, and the mousewife is fascinated. The mousewife makes friends with the strange dove, who is kept in a cage but who tells her about things no housemouse has ever imagined, blue skies, tumbling clouds, tall trees, and far horizons, the memory of which haunt the dove in his captivity. The dove’s tales fill the mousewife with wonder and drive her to take daring action.

Rumer Godden’s lovely fable about the unexpected ways in which dreams can come true is illustrated with beautiful pen-and-ink drawings by William Pène du Bois.

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The Nibbly Phase, when young mice 'bite'

Dreaming Of Mice / Mouse

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If you were bitten in a dream, this is a sign to be collected, balanced and organized in the near future. The majority of dreambooks consider this plot unfavorable. In any case, the dreamer should be cautious and all the time filtering the information coming to him. Miller's dreambook connects a bite with the threshold of diseases and failures in the dreamer's life. You should not give up your job or business, in which invested a lot of work and effort.


  1. Avent J. says:

    Below we will go over the various mouse themed dreams to help you However, if the mouse bite is painful in the dream, it suggests that you are being mentally.

  2. Juliette L. says:

    Mice are animals that are not very popular among people.

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