Who is wolf creek 2 based on

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who is wolf creek 2 based on

Origin (Wolf Creek, #1) by Greg McLean

Nature vs nurture turns out to be a bloodbath

The wide open outback offers plenty of space for someone to hide. Or to hide a body.

When wiry youngster Mick Taylor starts as a jackaroo at a remote Western Australian sheep station, he tries to keep his head down among the rough company of the farmhands. But he cant keep the devils inside him hidden for long.

It turns out hes not the only one with the killer impulse – and the other psychopaths dont appreciate competition. Is Cutter, the stations surly shooter, on to him? And what are the cops freally up to as they follow the trail of the dead?

In the first of a blood-soaked series of Wolf Creek prequel novels, the cult films writer/director Greg Mclean and horror writer Aaron Sterns take us back to the beginning, when Mick was a scrawny boy, the only witness to the grisly death of his little sister. Origin provides an unforgettably bloody answer to the question of nature vs nurture. What made Mick Taylor Australian horrors most terrifying psycho killer?

One of the great horror film heavies of the last 25 years Quentin Tarantino
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Техасская резня бензопилой

The Grisly True Crime Stories Behind The Infamous Australian Horror Movie 'Wolf Creek'

The film, set in in the coastal town of Broome, promptly introduces us to the three protagonists: British tourists Liz Hunter and Kristy Earl, as well as their friend Ben Mitchell from Sydney. The three then embark on a scenic tour of the Australian outback. At the eponymous Wolf Creek National Park a real remote tourist spot , the trio's car breaks down. Mick Taylor, a gritty yet affable wilderness expert, arrives and rescues the three, offering them spare parts for their car back at his suspiciously decrepit junkyard lair. After mysteriously falling unconscious, Liz wakes up to find herself bound and gagged.

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In an introductory, pre-credits scene, McLean re-introduces us to Mick. He's a hateful parody of the chauvinism inherent in Paul Hogan's Crocodile Dundee character also named Mick. After being threatened with a ticket, he blows out a young policeman's brains, then guts, and burns alive an older cop. This initial scene is effectively gross because McLean "Wolf Creek," "Rogue" knows how to build suspense visually. He's a technically accomplished storyteller. The problem is that both "Wolf Creek" films are grounded in ugly and maddeningly indistinct stories.


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