Responsibilities of children towards their parents

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responsibilities of children towards their parents

Parents Responsibility Quotes (25 quotes)

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The Most Important Duties a Child Has Towards Their Parents - Sadhguru

Weigh well the significance of the word PARENT; think how much is employed in it towards its appropriate object, how many offices it contains in itself—guardian.

The Duties of Children to their Parents

Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. Ephesians Keep their words always in your heart. Tie them around your neck. Wherever you walk, their counsel can lead you. When you sleep, they will protect you.

They must love their children in a responsible manner and provide for their healthy growth. They must inspire their children by their own exemplary life and must never neglect to correct their faults. Parents are responsible to provide the necessary food, clothing, shelter and medical care insofar as they are able. They are equally responsible for providing sound education and a sound knowledge of their religion as well as moral training of their children. Parents must keep their children in healthy environments and rear them to be useful, self —supporting, loyal citizens, and informed, practical members of society.

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Children have responsibilities and duties toward their parents in return for the education, expenses, protection and care that their parents gave them from infancy until adolescence and even later. These duties, which are the basic rights of parents for as long as they live, include:. Being dutiful to parents and obeying them Being dutiful to parents means showing them kindness. Children must obey their parents in matters that do not constitute disobedience to God Almighty. It is an Islamic obligation to be kind, considerate and courteous to parents even if they are disbelievers. Yet be kind to them in this world and follow the path of those who turn to Me. Disobedience to parents is described as ingratitude and this is one of the major sins in Islam.

We are all children of Our Father in heaven, and He causes us to be fed and brought up by our earthly parents. Thus parents take the place of God in regard to the education of their children; they are His representatives, and as such, the honor due to Him must be paid to them, for the viceroy can claim the same respect as the monarch who has delegated his authority to him. Those who despise their parents, despise God Himself. Augustine, after his conversion, bitterly regretted the disrespect he had shown the mother God had given to him, knowing that thereby he had shown disrespect to God. Our parents are moreover our greatest benefactors. How many sleepless nights, how many privations, how much anxiety has she not borne for thee!


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