Salvaging my identity bible study

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salvaging my identity bible study

Salvaging My Identity, Member Book by Jennifer Mills

Misplacing our affection for the Lord by placing value on the things of this world is like chasing the wind.

This is a book for preteen to teen Sunday School groups and goes through every imaginable sin for the average girl/young woman (from sexy influences (thats what they called them) to burnouts to destructive words). A lot is Biblically backed. Some include a Bible story, all include verses, and theres nothing the least controversial (unless you include premarital sex). As you can tell by the opening quote, none of the book is that profound but, by being so, wont go over anyones head. Its divided into forty sections and each days portion is ridiculously doable. Ill give it a 3 star rating, because even though I liked it, I did find it patronizing at times. I seem to be the only one that found this a problem though. And they have a DIY section for little projects to bring yourself closer to God, and theres sections for discussion topics with the Sunday School group or a friend about that days sin. And say youre already plunged into that days sin? There are Healing Brokenness mini passages after some days that have the intention to help. A lot of people wish they had this book growing up, so I suggest that if youre wanting to buy this book, help turn I wish to I had by giving it to your Sunday School group, little sister, niece, or if youre the recommended age group, give it a try.
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Old Rules vs. New Identity - YouTube Bible Study

With the opening definition of the word "salvaged" my heart knew Salvaging My Identity is a rescue for this generation of young women. It is biblically rich and culturally astute, while challenging girls to "re-think" critical topics such as image obsession, failure, shame and host of others. This is a bold work and desperately needed.
Jennifer Mills

Salvaging My Identity

So what is your true identity? Your true identity knows nothing of fear or labels. Your true identities are reflections of love. How the heck do we uncover that? But what about taking the time to think about.

The Salvaging My Identity student book is for teenage girls and young women. This book is a 40 day, Paperback, Study Guide. $
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Post a Comment. This next generation of girls desperately needs to understand and walk in their true identity that is in Christ and Christ alone!! In a world that is constantly bombarding girls with lies and impossible expectations, this book is a must read guide as well as an authentic reminder that we are all, no matter our age, searching to know our true identity. Rachel and Jennifer bring a fresh and realistic perspective to this hot topic that is applicable to girls and young women of today. Like a cool drink of water on a hot summer day, this book is a refreshing approach for young ladies growing into adulthood. I am not only a speaker to teens, but also a father to a teenage girl. I am indebted to you for giving people like me a tool so effective for young ladies.


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