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ex machina ex machina ex machina

Ex Machina, Vol. 7: Ex Cathedra by Brian K. Vaughan

Ex Machina is a series that puts a number of hot potato political issues into its issues - protesting illegal wars, legalisation of cannabis, gay marriage - and now Vaughan has Hundred confront the role of religion. Vaughan shows Hundred as the progressive mind that we all hope Obama is, fighting against anti-abortionists, abstinence, and the use of stem cells, just as Hundred was for gay marriage, for legalising marijuana, and against the war in Iraq (all good things I agree with and Im sure mirror Vaughans world view too).

Volume 7 of the excellent series Ex Machina sees Pope John Paul II inviting Mayor Mitchell Hundred aka the Great Machine aka the white Obama, to the Vatican for a tete a tete, little realising theres a Ruskie assassin with a remote control thatll control Hundred into killing the Pope.

The story might seem tantalising but having read the previous 6 books I can say I never felt Hundred was going to kill the Pope. I thought he was going to overcome his attempted mind control, defeat the bad guy, and share a few witticisims with the Pope - which he did. The bad guy is... well, its a comic book so thats what the villain is - comical and nasty in a very cliche way. Hes bald, Russian, and kills someone in every scene hes in - he even wears an eye patch!

The weak assassin storyline and the views on religion aside, theres nothing else to the book - which is unfortunate. Its over all too soon and in the final part of the book we see Vaughan giving one minor character in the series - Commissioner Angotti - an entire issue to let the reader see her backstory (to be honest Id forgotten who Angotti was and had to be reminded). Basically its padding to fill out the book.

Ex Machina is a great series so I was always going to read Ex Cathedra but its far from Vaughan and Harris best and hopefully the next book will contain stronger storylines and less cliche characters. This ones mildly entertaining but all too missable and irrelevant to the overall series structure.
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Artificial Intelligence: Gods, egos and Ex Machina

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Unlike technology, sometimes science fiction improves with age. Double Take is Popular Mechanics' look back at sci-fi classics that have something prescient to say about today. Four years ago, when Alex Garland's instant sci-fi classic Ex Machina debuted , it dropped into a different era—the time before Cambridge Analytica , before Russian election trolling , before the catastrophic Equifax leak and too many others like it. The world wasn't naive, exactly. We'd spent decades knowing our personal data could be hacked, leaked, and abused by nefarious parties, of course. But back then, people tended to worry along individual lines, about a stolen identity or a maxed-out account—not the data-driven mass manipulation that has been repeatedly uncovered over the past few years.


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    Ex Machina is a British science fiction film written and directed by Alex Garland (in his directorial debut). Domhnall Gleeson, Alicia Vikander, and Oscar .

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    Ex Machina () - IMDb

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    Superficially it looks like a film about the future of artificial intelligence, but like most science fiction, it tells us more about the present than the future; and like most discussion around AI, it ends up reflecting not technological progress so much as human egos.

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