Who plays christian in dance academy

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who plays christian in dance academy

Christian: Behind Barres (Dance Academy, #3) by Sebastian Scott

Theyve got the world at their feet, but have they got what it takes?

Christian Reed is the kind of boy most teenage girls dream of - gorgeous, mysterious and angry with the world.

Christian likes to push his body to the max; the greater the risk, the more it interests him. Before his mother died, she made Christian promise that he’d audition for the National Academy of Dance. Christian kept his promise but never said he’d go if he got in. Instead, he ignores his letter of acceptance and continues to hang out with his fellow adrenaline-seeking mates. One night, Christian ends up in serious trouble with the police. Kicked out by his foster family, he arrives at the Academy not because he wants to be there but because he has no place else to go...

For a long time Christian remains a bit of a mystery. What isnt in question is his dancing ability. But while some of the girls swoon over Christian’s bad boy image, Tara finds him unbearable. Down-to-earth one moment, moody and aloof the next, Christian is the most infuriating boy she knows! As the year progresses Christian lets down his defenses, revealing a complicated person underneath. It’s a turbulent journey but slowly he begins to trust people again. And, gradually, Christian and Tara discover that love and hate can be two sides of the same coin.
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Dance Academy Series 2: The REAL Cast of Dance Academy

13 Facts Every "Dance Academy" Fan Should Definitely Know

After a great holiday spent on Tara's family farm where his friendship with Tara blossomed into a full-blown relationship, Christian returns to the Academy happy, centered, and very much looking forward to getting back into his dance training. Of course, life at the Academy is never that straight forward and his relationship starts to unravel as he rebels against expectations, in love and in dance. Second Year pushes Christian to find out who he really is. Dance Academy Tara Webster grew up on a farm in the country, but she has always dreamed of being a professional dancer. When she's admitted to Australia's National Academy of Dance, she feels like all of her dreams are about to come true -- but the school is tougher and more competitive than she ever imagined.

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Jordan Rodrigues plays Christian Reed. Jordan has been acting professionally since he was cast as Simba in the Australian tour of The Lion King, a role he.
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The new dream couple - Dance Academy

Video Player loading We lift up the curtain so you can go behind the scenes on Dance Academy! See what happens in a day in the life of the cast members, find out what really went on at ballet boot camp and even watch the casts original auditions! Meet Alicia Kat. Alicia's Casting for Kat. Alicia on Kat's Character.

It's been seven years since the show premiered, and now it's hit the big screen. Xenia was 16 years old when she first played Tara in Dance Academy. It was her first TV role - and now her first movie role. Dena has been acting steadily since Dance Academy ended on TV, and she's also been touring as a DJ, performing at Coachella and releasing her own music. Keiynan also joined Dance Academy in season 2, and in between the show ending and filming the movie, he nabbed roles in the Divergent movie series, historical thriller The Finest Hours , and a recurring role on The Flash.

Christian Reed is a student at the National Academy of Dance who was accepted under bail conditions. After graduating from the Academy three years later, he went on to be a teacher at the Samuel Lieberman Memorial Studio. Christian is straightforward and impulsive. Before getting to know him, Christian tends to come off as cold and rebellious. He prioritizes fun over work and enjoys teasing his friends. When he knows what he wants, Christian will always push himself to try and achieve it. Many instances throughout the series prove that Christian gets jealous easily.


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    Jordan Rodrigues (born 20 July ) is an Australian dancer and actor. He is best known for his role as Trey Emory in the Hulu original series Light as a Feather. He has starred and appeared in TV series Dance Academy, Home and Away Dance Academy. He was cast as one of the main characters, Christian Reed.

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    Christian Reed is a student at the National Academy of Dance who was accepted under bail conditions. After graduating from the Academy three years later.

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