Pictures of storm from x men

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pictures of storm from x men

X-Men: Storm by Warren Ellis & Terry Dodson by Warren Ellis

Long ago, Storm won leadership of the underground mutant community known as the Morlocks. But her reign was a distant one, and Storms neglected subjects grew increasingly embittered. Ultimately, the mad Mikhail Rasputin swept the Morlocks away into another dimension - a harsh dimension where time ran much faster than normal. There, the next generation of Morlock children came of age, hard and cold and bitter. They returned as a terrorist unit called Gene Nation, and Storm nearly had to slay their leader to defeat them. Disturbed by her actions, haunted by the guilt of failing the Morlocks, Storm seeks a new balance in her life. But when she is abducted to Mikhails brutal dimension, can Storm prevail against the living reminders of her failure? Or will the sins of her past drag her down? COLLECTING: Storm (1996) 1-4
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X-Men Storm: All Powers from X-Men Anime

Storm is the descendant of an ancient line of African priestesses all of whom have white hair, blue eyes, and the potential to wield magic. Her mother, N'Dare, was the princess of a tribe in Kenya.
Warren Ellis

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Storm Ororo Munroe is a descendant of an ancient royal line of white-haired, blue-eyed sorceresses possibly mutants , who's defining physical features surface every five generations. Her royal heritage can be traced back to the dawn of humanity. Her family's kingdom lies hidden in the Great Rift Valley of Africa, the valley that spawned the human race itself. The power in her family is transferred from mother to daughter. Her mother, Princess N'Dare , rebelled against their tradition as she felt that she was forced into the role that was expected of her. She then married an American photojournalist, David Munroe , and lived in Manhattan. They then moved to Cairo, Egypt when Ororo was still an infant.

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The hottest images and pictures of Storm, ranked by die hard comic book fans. Drawing Storm has always brought out the best in comic book artists, with her revealing, skin-tight costumes perfectly showing off her outrageous curves and beautiful shape. Though Storm has always been tough, and even a badass depending on the era and specific author, she balances her raw strength and superpowers with femininity, sexiness and style. Descended from a long line of Kenyan witch princesses, Storm's superpowers include flight and the ability to manipulate the weather. On screen, she has been portrayed by Halle Berry. Sexy drawings of heroines and female villains has become something of a controversy in the comic world, and more generally in entertainment. Specifically, many women point to double standards in how female characters - even formidable, heroic female icons - are presented in comics, which tend to highlight their body parts and make them sex objects for male readers regardless of how this fits in to the story.



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