No fucks left to give

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no fucks left to give

Stephanie *I Have No Fucks Left To Give* (Aurora, CO)’s review of Rhett

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Published 09.06.2019

I've No More Fucks To Give

limited amount of fucks to give

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Everyone was born with a limited amount of fucks to give. During your teenage years you give a ton and slowly give less and less from there. As you get older you just get worn down and just stop giving a fuck about a lot of things. Basically the internet is strewn with articles and advice on how to not give a fuck. How crazy is that? It is almost like the google world is attempting to offer some extraordinary justification for being indifferent, to actually practice being indifferent, which is maybe a different slant on how to be a complete moron.

This morning, I woke up to pigeon foot-sized flakes of snow blowing sideways into my window, the walls of my building quaking slightly from wind gusts, ice pellets pecking away at my window pane. Who cares? I thought, rolling over. Forecast for today: 12 to 14 inches of me not giving a fuck. Earlier in the season, before the storm, storm, cold snap, storm and storm, I was in prime freakout mode, just like everyone else. I did the "stand in line at Trader Joe's buying bread and milk even though, like, I don't really eat that much bread or drink much milk" thing guess I wanted to make sure that in case I ended up getting shut in by the storm, I was shut in with some of my least favorite foods.

So today is Authors Against Bullying day. Which I forgot to sign up for — though Jess Haines was nice enough to send me an email about it — it just got lost in the NYCC craziness.
30th birthday message for myself

MEMBERS ONLY: It's Time To Stop Giving a F*ck

Have you ever gotten all bent out of shape over something as trivial as which way the toilet paper is facing on the roll? Or why your husband keeps leaving his dirty socks on the floor? If so, I can relate. Most of us give way too many fucks about way too many things. And most of them are utterly un-fuck-worthy. Note: this episode is packed full of my favorite 4-letter word. Ever watch a kid cry his eyes out because his hat is the wrong shade of blue?

Since then, there have been many more creative variations on the theme. Q: I was wondering: how much of a shit do women give about what conservative old white dudes say about them? A: Thanks for contacting us. We have checked our inventory thoroughly and we no longer have any shits left to give. Q: Okay, but a big part of our brand is based on you caring about what conservative old white dudes think. Our shit-giving model has irrevocably changed into a non-shit-giving structure.


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    Barack Obama Comic Announces POTUS Has No Fucks Left to Give | Inverse

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    Melania Trump flew to Texas today to visit migrant children held in federal detention camps.

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