Positive reinforcement in romantic relationships

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positive reinforcement in romantic relationships

Positive Reinforcement (Daniel and Ryan, #4) by Tamryn Eradani

Yes yes yes another delightful read in this continuing story again !!
All the tiny little details make this an absorbing read. Makes you yearn just like Daniel
They are busy at work, specially Ryan, and they try to get through the week without each other.
Its almost impossible, the way Daniel gets through is with deep yearning and passion its just palpable.
I love Daniels head. It is so satisfying to know him and see him and to know nobody else knows and sees this....only....Ryan is sharp with observations thank Gid for that. Because Daniel is denying himself to much.
They are so sweet and funny together.

The personalities are so very well exposed and worked out, its done so very well. They are real for me and I loved them both.

The trust is....amazing.....and a lot of love and respect.

Ryan has a way of dismantling Daniel’s control. Sometimes it’s bit by bit, sometimes he just shatters it, but Ryan always wins in the end. Well, they both win.

You chose my happiness over yours. You’re incredible.”

Again a delightful and wonderful part of Daniel and Ryan. Written in a captivating and realistic way...so well done I almost cant wait....till the end of the month for the next of this serie.
But Ill have Daniel in mind...with his patience and self control :)

Perfect story, indeed.
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Teal Swan on Romantic Relationship, Soulmates and Soul Groups (1:2)

So if we can't use positive punishing to all that good effect most of the time in our relationships, and negative reinforcement is impractical for our purposes, what.
Tamryn Eradani

Stop punishing your partner

We talked last month about the importance of teaching people how to treat you , instead of passively accepting whatever they dish out. My advice focuses on dating and romantic relationships, but you can apply these tips to any area of your life. Do you want to be the woman who goes on endless first and second dates? That can be exhausting and may distract you from finding real, lasting love. Instead, understand that you have the power to influence how men treat you, from the very first introduction. But many women accidentally turn a prince into a frog by either:. That is positive reinforcement, and it is a clear form of feedback that men understand and appreciate.

Reinforcement in most human situations commonly is arranged and administered by another person. Teachers reinforce appropriate behavior of their students and parents praise good acts of their children. Often, but not always, reinforcement is treated as a one-way street in that someone reinforces or punishes the behavior of someone else. I reinforce something you do and your behavior changes. End of story.

We use positive reinforcement in our relationships every day, in everything from smiling when our spouse opens the door for us, complimenting an outfit reinforcing the probability we will see it again , or offering a cookie to our kids after they force the last spoonful of peas into their mouth. While at first glance this technique may appear to be manipulative, if done out of love and good intentions , it becomes motivational to better the lives of the ones we love. It motivates husbands to be gentlemen. This may sound great, but there is one problem with this. Positive reinforcement has a close relative.

Download PDF file:. Relationship development and positive reinforcement are two important and related skills for any leader.
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Try these: time management relationship advice healthy lifestyle money wealth success leadership psychology. So we react by trying to regain control of the situation. And one of the most common — and also most damaging — ways that we do that is by punishing someone in a relationship. Which, in turn, makes you feel even less in control. When you start to punish your partner, you risk creating a deep level of injury.


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    Operant Conditioning in Your Romantic Relationships | Girls Chase

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    This reality happens to just about every aspect of our lives, including romantic relationships.

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    Four ways to use positive reinforcement to improve your love life. In one of my first posts, I discussed the basics of how to improve romantic interactions by rewarding your partner. Overall, by not rewarding loving behavior and overly punishing their spouses, distressed couples.

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