Star trek enterprise jonathan archer

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star trek enterprise jonathan archer

Character profile for Jonathan Archer from The Romulan War: To Brave the Storm (Star Trek: Enterprise #14) (page 1)

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Captain Archer, Commander Shran, and T'Pol Talk In the Captain Ready Room

Scott Bakula: Captain Jonathan Archer, Commander, Commander Jonathan Archer

In that role, he was responsible for greatly expanding United Earth's presence in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants and making first contact with more than a dozen species , among them Klingons , Andorians , and Xindi. Considered by historian John Gill , as the " greatest explorer of the 22nd century, " Archer is widely credited with saving Earth from the Xindi and paving the way for the founding of the United Federation of Planets. He went on to become one of the Federation's earliest presidents. Jonathan Archer was born in to renowned warp scientist Henry Archer and his wife Sally. One of Jonathan's earliest inspirations for space sciences was a copy of The Cosmos A to Z , which he got on his eighth birthday , in , from his father. Jonathan spent hours staring at its front cover depicting the Arachnid Nebula. ENT : " Fusion " His fascination for space led to him wanting to serve in what became the United Earth Starfleet from an early age, so, in at least one astronomy book he owned as a child, he styled his name on the ex libris as "Admiral Jonny Archer".

Jonathan Archer is a fictional character in the Star Trek franchise. He is the protagonist of the television series Star Trek: Enterprise , where he is portrayed by Scott Bakula. Archer also plays a major role in the formation of Starfleet and the United Federation of Planets. Archer is the commanding officer of the first starship Enterprise NX from to and is later President of the United Federation of Planets from to According to a computer display in the episode " In a Mirror, Darkly ", historian John Gill considered Archer "the greatest explorer of the 22nd century. Archer, the son of famed warp engineer Henry Archer and his wife Sally, was born in on 4 August in Upstate New York , where he spent most of his formative years; he later claimed to have spent the majority of his life in San Francisco.

Charming, bold, a born explorer. Archer is guided by a core of human decency and intuition, even when they contravene direct orders. He is independent, yet has a strong sense of duty. Archer holds a grudge against the Vulcans , whom he blames for keeping humanity stuck on Earth, but must learn to cope with a Vulcan science officer. As captain of a starship his father helped build, Archer is eager to make history and see what's out there. Jonathan Archer grew up dreaming of the day when he would get to go "where no man has gone before. So it is fitting that Jonathan would carry on the family legacy by commanding the first starship powered by that engine, the Enterprise NX

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Star Trek: Enterprise , titled simply Enterprise for its first two seasons, is an American science fiction television series created by Rick Berman and Brannon Braga. It originally aired from September 26, , to May 13, , on UPN , spanning 98 episodes across four seasons. The show is set in the 22nd century, a hundred years before the events of The Original Series and just prior to the formation of the United Federation of Planets. The series follows the adventures of the Enterprise , Earth's first starship capable of traveling at warp five , as it explores the galaxy and encounters various alien species. Rather than setting it in the 24th century alongside Deep Space Nine and Voyager , the duo decided to set Enterprise in an earlier period, allowing them to explore new parts of the Star Trek fictional universe. The first two seasons were characterized by stand-alone episodes that explored topics like humanity's early relations with the Vulcans and their first encounters with the Klingons and Andorians , alien species already familiar to the Star Trek franchise. Wanting to attract greater viewers, UPN called for changes for its third season.

Sign in. Enterprise is hit with a rather intense anomaly. Refusing to leave an injured T'Pol behind, Archer is struck by the anomaly, leaving his brain infected with parasites, preventing him from making any Archer decides he should pilot a kamikaze shuttle to destroy the Xindi weapon. Temporal agent Daniels urges him to reconsider. While the Reptilians force Hoshi to decipher a launch code, the Primates, Arboreals and Archer think of a way to stop the Xindi weapon. Watch now.

The ever-scrappy Capt. James T. The Shakespeare-quoting Capt. Jean-Luc Picard. John Archer, the reluctant diplomat. And so on. How are we to take the measure of these captains to figure out who is best?


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