Chicago manual of style headings

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chicago manual of style headings

The Chicago Manual of Style by University of Chicago Press

It doesnt matter if youre a fan of MLA, AP, or even (dare I say it) Franklin Covey, the Chicago Manual of Style will never let real-world writers and editors* down. Sure, at first youll stagger through its appendix and feel overwhelmed by the layout, but rest assured, with time, youll come to rely on it like your trusty blankey that has always been there for you through all these years.

*By real-world writers and editors, I mean that elitist class of people who poo poo on people who write for fun.
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Chicago Manual of Style Footnotes

Since The Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS) is primarily intended as a style guide for For CMOS and Turabian's recommendations, see “Headings,” below.
University of Chicago Press

Chicago Manual of Style, 17th Edition: Author-Date Style: General Guidelines

Your teachers expect to receive papers that are properly formatted and laid out. Use the following guidelines when setting up your paper. It is easiest if you use the correct settings from the beginning; otherwise you will have to go back and reformat your paper. Do you want to be sure you've formatted your research paper correctly? Click the link below to download a Chicago style citation and formatting checklist. The library subscribes to Noodlebib, a citation management tool.

From the Chicago Manual of Style

The Chicago Manual of Style Online. Search Results. The results of your search have been divided into the following tabbed sections. To see search results from any of these areas of The Chicago Manual of Style Online , click on the appropriate tab. Results 1 - 10 of for headings The style guide says that when an extra head is needed, a B head

Long chapters in theses, dissertations, and class papers may be divided into sections, which in turn may be divided into subsections, and so on. Each section and subsection may have its own title, also called a subheading or subhead. Unless your instructor has rules for subheads, you may decide your own format for them. Tip: Unless you are writing a very long and complex paper, think carefully before using more than two or three levels of subheads. For more details, see the sample page below. For a detailed sample plan for five levels of subheads, see Turabian section A. You can print them and download them.

How should one write the headings of chapters, section, subsection and subsubsections? If the document is double-spaced, the headings should be as well. If the document is single-spaced, the headings should be too. My colleague found something related to this subject in 3. Even though it deals with parentheses in table headings, it wouldn't be a stretch to apply it to the example I have here.


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    Chicago/Turabian: Structure and Formatting of Specific Elements

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