The satanic scriptures pdf download

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the satanic scriptures pdf download

The Satanic Scriptures by Peter H. Gilmore

The Satanic Scriptures hands down the wit, wisdom and diabolical perspective of the Church of Satans High Priest, Magus Peter H. Gilmore. These essays, articles and diatribes have been collected from over twenty years of the High Priests writings for his infernal cabal, some first issued in the pages of publications available only to insiders. From the magic of toys to techniques of time travel, Magus Gilmore leads the reader down a Left-Hand Path where few will find what they expect. The Devil always has all the best tunes and now youll hear from a Satanic Maestro how the Dark Lord has influenced composers and musicians long before the advent of electric guitars and stadium concerts. Magus Gilmore reveals principles of Satanic Ritual in a frank discussion of forbidden rites. What is a Satanic Funeral? How do Satanists marry? Find out now, as these unholy ceremonies have never before been disclosed outside of the Church of Satans Hellish Hierarchy. Here is the philosophy for those bold enough to be their own Gods-or Devils.
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The Luciferian Doctrine (Audio Book & Free Download)

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Peter H. Gilmore

The Satanic Bible

At first glance, Anton Szandor LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan and author of The Satanic Bible , hardly seems to fit in with the visionaries and prophets already discussed. Unlike Joseph Smith or Matthew Philip Gill, he does not claim that his religious pronouncements have been authorized by visionary experiences. Nor does he claim to reveal for the first time episodes from history that will forever alter our understanding of both the past and the present. Neither does LaVey spend much time at all on developing proper translations or novel interpretations of the Bible. Nonetheless, LaVey did formally found a new church and issue a text with at least some pretensions to authoritative, scriptural status. Many who identify themselves as Satanists claim to have commenced their progress toward self-understanding with an encounter with The Satanic Bible. He consistently attributes what he has to say to insight rather than revelation.


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He was the most beautiful of all the Seraphim. He shone with intelligence and daring. His great heart was big with all the virtues born of pride: frankness, courage, constancy in trial, indomitable hope. Long, long ago, ere Time was, in the boreal sky where gleam the seven magnetic stars, he dwelt in a palace of diamond and gold, where the air was ever tremulous with the beating of wings and with songs of triumph. Iahveh, on his mountain, was jealous of Lucifer.

Below you will find the official Church of Satan writings as well as those from Active Members. Most will include links for purchase. This was a limited print run and was completely sold out. The German translation of The Satanic Bible and The Satanic Rituals re-designed as a single omnibus volume as well as an audio book version are available from Index Verlag. They have also released a German translation of The Satanic Scriptures.


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