The lost writings of wu hsin pdf

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the lost writings of wu hsin pdf

The Lost Writings of Wu Hsin: Pointers to Non-Duality in Five Volumes by Yuben de wu hsin

Wu Hsin repeatedly returns to three key points. First, on the phenomenal plane, when one ceases to resist What-Is and becomes more in harmony with It, one attains a state of Ming, or clear seeing. Having arrived at this point, all action becomes wei wu wei, or action without action (non-forcing) and there is a working in harmony with What-Is to accomplish what is required.
Second, as the clear seeing deepens (what he refers to as the opening of the great gate), the understanding arises that there is no one doing anything and that there is only the One doing everything through the many and diverse objective phenomena which serve as Its instruments.
From this flows the third and last: the seemingly separate me is a misapprehension, created by the mind which divides everything into pseudo-subject (me) and object (the world outside of this me). This seeming two-ness (dva in Sanskrit, duo in Latin, dual in English), this feeling of being separate and apart, is the root cause of unhappiness.
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Lost Writings of Wu Hsin

In The Lost Writings of Wu Hsin, he writes: "Expectation is the grandfather of disappointment. The world can never own a man who wants nothing.".
Yuben de wu hsin

The Lost Writings of Wu Hsin

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It has been said that should someone find a bright star, they have no right to keep it in their pocket., Wu Hsin repeatedly returns to three key points.

One of the most beautiful and unknown gems in Eastern non-duality, whom I recently discovered thanks to my mentor GD , is Wu Hsin. And true to his name, there is no trace of him available — no profile, no wikipedia entry, one single image. This is just how he would have liked it I suppose — after all, what is the value in deliberating over the life story of someone who says our life story is a dream? Who is there to be benefitted? Any seeming benefit is only another stitch in the tapestry of the personal narrative.

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