Approaches of discourse analysis in psychology

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approaches of discourse analysis in psychology

Discourse Analysis as Theory and Method by Marianne W. Jorgensen

Discourse Analysis as Theory and Method is a systematic introduction to discourse analysis as a body of theories and methods for social research. It brings together three central approaches, Laclau and Mouffes discourse theory, critical discourse analysis and discursive psychology, in order to establish a dialogue between different forms of discourse analysis often kept apart by disciplinary boundaries.

The book introduces the three approaches in a clear and easily comprehensible manner, explaining the distinctive philosophical premises and theoretical perspectives of each approach as well as the methodological guidelines and tools they provide for empirical discourse analysis. The authors also demonstrate the possibilities for combining different discourse analytical and non-discourse analytical approaches in empirical study. Finally, they contextualize discourse analysis within the social constructionist debate about critical social research, rejecting the view that a critical stance is incompatible with social constructionist premises and arguing that critique must be an inherent part of social research.
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What is Discourse Analysis?

Discourse analysis

Social Research Glossary. Citation reference: Harvey, L. This is a dynamic glossary and the author would welcome any e-mail suggestions for additions or amendments. Discourse analysis is a term used for a variety of processes that examine or deconstruct the underlying meanings in speech or other form of communicative text. The focus of discourse analysis is on the language used and what the implicit, underlying, taken-for-granted or concealed meanings might be. Heffernan undated described discourse analysis as follows:.

MPC-005-04-03 Discourse Analysis

Discourse is a broadly used and abstract term that is used to refer to a range of topics in various disciplines. For the sake of this discussion, discourse analysis is used to describe a number of approaches to analyzing written and spoken language use beyond the technical pieces of language, such as words and sentences. Therefore, discourse analysis focuses on the use of language within a social context. Embedded in the constructivism—structuralism traditions, discourse analysis's key emphasis is on the use of language in social context. Language in this case refers to either text or talk, and context refers to the social situation or forum in which the text or talk occurs.


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    It begins by outlining the discursive psychological approach and its claim that Critical Approaches to Discourse Analysis across Disciplines.

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    This paper aims to illustrate what discourse analysis is and how it can contribute to our understanding of family practice.

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