Team spirit in a sentence

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team spirit in a sentence

Team Spirit Quotes (118 quotes)

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A semicolon can also separate the things in a list. Weighed down or perking up?

How can you use sentence with team spirit?

The players have picked themselves up and have a great team spirit. Morrisonian boys were renowned for their outstanding team spirit and sporting achievements. Williams said with a grin. The team spirit is one of the biggest strengths on this side. Then I got the team spirit injection, and I loved tennis again.

Embodying a sense of team spirit at work helps employees to bond with their colleagues and impress their managers. It also extends to dealing with customers, partners and vendors. Team spirit is an attitude that enables people to work well together. Team spirit is based on the culture of the company. Businesses where collaboration and teamwork are encouraged will have high levels of team spirit as employees will be familiar with working with one another. For businesses where job descriptions require employees to work more individually, team spirit activities may need to be implemented to encourage colleagues to interact with one another. In many cases, team spirit needs to be modeled at the executive level.

What Is Team Spirit?

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