Cape communication studies organizational strategies

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cape communication studies organizational strategies

CAPE Communication Studies: Practical Exercises for Paper 02 Essays by Edlin D. Rochford

CAPE Communication Studies: A Practical Guide to Paper 02 Essays has been a long time in the making but I just knew that I had to write this book for students who are looking for guidance in writing their best essays of CAPE Communication Studies Paper 02. This book is guaranteed to show you how to:

• identify the writer’s main point, purpose, organizational
strategies and language techniques of Module One essay
• articulate with confidence the factors that make up the Module Two essay
• know what you are required to write in the Module Three essay

As the title suggests this book allows you to participate in various activities all geared to perfecting your essay writing skills needed for all three essays in Paper 02. In each section of the book you are invited to work either as an individual, in pairs or in groups to complete the activities that are specifically designed to deepen your understanding of CAPE essays.

This concise work possesses all that students need to thoroughly prepare for and pass this section of their CAPE Communication Studies examination.
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How the Communication Process Works

In this unit, students further develop their understanding of expository writing by being introduced to examples of various organizational strategies. Class discussion and group work continues to heighten this understanding and refine each organizational strategy.
Edlin D. Rochford


Lets say they ask you to write a speech, how do you include audience,tone and registers in that speech? Tone is basically the quality of voice, like how someone says something. Tone can be conversational, formal, friendly. You won't really need to discuss tone in mod 3, don't worry :P. Very helpful. This makes the one day that I dedicate to work much easier. I have been following you blog, well yesh I have.

There was noteworthy decline in performance on Papers 01A and 01B and poor performance on Paper 03B continued unchecked. The examiners wish to highlight the great importance of candidate preparation to much better candidate performance. The scenario given spoke of students of Baxter High doing research on the nutritional contents of the meals consumed by students for lunch at that institution. The majority of candidates attempted both questions. Question 1 Question 1 was concerned with the collection of data for the research undertaken by the students. Part a of the question required candidates to identify two methods of data collection other than a questionnaire suitable for the given scenario. While stronger candidates enjoyed much success with this question by scoring the two marks allocated, many weaker candidates had difficulty identifying methods for the collection of data.


It is what the writer wants happen as a result of your reading the piece. If you understand and can identify these two different concept s you are on your way to satisfying one- third of the essay requirements. Examples: humorous, mysterious, creepy, straight-forward etc Some of the techniques that the writer employs are Simile, Metaphor, Personification, Alliteration, Imagery, Rhetorical Question, Conversational tone, Anecdote, Historical data, Statistical data, Repetition, and Humor. Once you have identified a technique you need to write it out do not give line alone and then you must write about the effectiveness of the device, in other words what is this device adding to the piece, how does it appeal to the senses and therefore to your understanding and most importantly how is it aiding the author to achieve her purpose and expand her main point? Conversational tone found in anecdote and use of Personal Pronouns on the other hand allows for the reader to be drawn into the piece as one feels that the writer is striving to make us comfortable with the piece. The challenge is NOT TO DEFINE the devices but rather to identify appropriate examples use quotation marks from the passage to support and then say how they add or why you believe that the writer used them and how in rare cases they took away from the piece. As with every essay one must have proper organisation.

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