Naruto vs sasuke 2nd fight

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naruto vs sasuke 2nd fight

Naruto, Vol. 20: Naruto vs. Sasuke by Masashi Kishimoto

Come on. We knew this was coming. Friends, rivals, inferiority complexes... it all leads up to this little taste of hell.

All Naruto wants is to be recognized by his best friend, and his best friend is spiralling out of control with rage at his brother Itachi who killed his entire clan only to leave Sasuke alive. If that isnt enough, Sasuke is driving himself insane with the need for enough power to defeat his insanely powerful brother... and how will he ever do that if this little moron Naruto has already surpassed him in power and skill? Its impossible!

Of course, stuck in the middle of this slice of hell between two best friends is Sakura, who loves Sasuke and cant understand why the three of them are all falling apart.

Its easy to understand things from her point of view. After all, Im pretty sure that every reader of the series at this point is almost moved to tears feeling the same way.

All those little things that went on between them, whether goading or protective, is now turning poisonous.

It affected me greatly the first time, and this set the stage to make me bawl like a baby later, too.

Now, in full disclosure, I actually watched all of the Naruto anime. For the longest time, it happened to keep up almost perfectly with the manga, and delighted me to no end. And then... over a hundred episodes of pure filler trash... Can you imagine slogging through all that crap? It was just recycling all the angst that had developed between Naruto and Sasuke with never a hope for story development or change. *sigh* My great love of the manga died for a few years because of that load of bollocks. Fortunately, the great solidity of the manga managed to draw me back in and forget most of that trash.

It has now regained all its flavor again. Thank God.
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Naruto vs. Sasuke (English Dub) [60FPS]

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Although it is already been confirmed that Naruto Shippuden will not be ending with this fight there is an unmistakable finality to it, at least for fans of the manga. Returning to the Valley at the End the site of the two rivals remarkable battle at the conclusion to canon Naruto. Previously the first Battle at the Valley of the End was widely regarded as the most satisfying fight in the entire series.
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Sasuke , having activated his Cursed Seal of Heaven level 2, laughs and arrogantly tells Naruto he has a feeling he will not lose. Enraged, Naruto charges at Sasuke, and the two clash sending up a cloud of debris. When the dust settles, Naruto is shocked to see a giant wing coming out of Sasuke's back, which has deflected his attack. Sasuke extends the wing and sends Naruto shooting towards the opposite side of the river. A second wing tears through the back of Sasuke's shirt, and he groans in pain. He remembers Sakon 's warning not to use the fully released Cursed Seal for too long. Knowing that his body will erode if kept in this state, Sasuke tells himself he hasn't any time to waste.

Part 1 all around. This is a show about ninja, and I feel like the series really lost a sense of that when the characters got the dbz power ups. It was all about blast and explosions by the War arc, which is a shame, because it was the part one battles that really helped Naruto set itself apart from being deemed another dbz knock off. By the part two Naruto and Sasuke fight, they were both so overpowered and spamming ki blast, that it lacked the intensity of the part one fight. Plus even though the stakes were smaller in the part one fight, it held more weight; Naruto knew that if he lost, he would lose Sasuke; who had become his close friend at that point, and to watch him fail at that was tough to watch.



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    Mixed or average reviews - based on 7 Critics What's this?

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    In the Naruto vs. Sasuke final fight, I imagine Sasuke wasn't holding back because he really wanted to kill Naruto, but was Naruto holding back.

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    The series began its serialization in the issue 43 from

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