Superman vs zod fight scene

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superman vs zod fight scene

Superman vs. Zod by Richard Donner

Some of Supermans greatest battles with his Kryptonian foe, General Zod, are collected for the first time. In his first appearance, Zod meets Superboy, projecting him into the Phantom Zone, the cosmic prison for Kryptonian criminals. Then, in stories from the 1980s, Zod and his Phantom Zone cadre of lieutenants battles Superman again. Then, a tale from 2007 written by comics superstar Geoff Johns and film director Richard Donner looks at the roots of Zods treachery in Kryptons past.

Collects stories from ADVENTURE COMICS #283, ACTION COMICS #473, 548- 549, DC COMICS PRESENTS #97 and ACTION COMICS ANNUAL #10
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Published 29.06.2019


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