French bread recipe king arthur

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french bread recipe king arthur

King Arthur Flour Whole Grain Baking: Delicious Recipes Using Nutritious Whole Grains by King Arthur Flour

I know Im the only weirdo among my friends who likes cookbooks as well as any novel... but I have to post a review of this book.

I LOVE IT. This is the best new cookbook Ive got for a very long time. I got it for Christmas, and with a new baby and all, I really hadnt had time to start trying recipes until now (the price of wheat and other groceries helped kick me into gear, too!). Anyway, Ive tried probably around 20-25 of the recipes in this book, and all of them have been outstanding. We only had one that the family didnt care for, but I think it was just a flavor combination that we didnt like. It was the Cheddar Scallion Rolls, and the bread turned out amazingly soft and light for whole wheat, we just didnt like the onions and dill in them.

Anyway, this is not a health food book by any stretch of the imagination. The cookies, for example, still have a ton of fat and sugar in them, just like any cookies. But I figure if youre going to make cookies anyway, might as well sneak some of that food storage wheat in there to make them more healthy and economical. And you wont be settling at all. These recipes are fantastic. All of the cookies Ive tried are nearly 100% whole grain and the whole family has loved all of them.

One bit of advice-- Its very helpful to have a grain mill if you plan on using this book to its fullest potential. There are several whole grain flours used that would be kind of hard to find, I think. But you can get the whole seeds (grains?) in the bulk bins at WinCo or at the Preparedness Store, (for those in I.F.), and grind them yourself.

A side note-- As I was typing up this review, Kelly asked what I was doing. I told her I was writing a review of a cookbook. She asked which one, so I showed her the picture at the top of this page. She said, and I quote, OH!! I love that book! That has the best recipes ever in it!! So there ya go. From the mouth of a 6 year old picky child.
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This recipe has appeared on the back of our bags of Organic French-Style Flour for Knead the dough — by hand, mixer, or bread machine — until smooth.
King Arthur Flour

Woot, Woot – I Made French Baguettes..Thanks, King Arthur Flour!

I use it for making bread bowls for soup, such as Wisconsin Cheese Soup , French bread pizza, garlic bread, or accompanying soup, salad, or stew. French bread, not surprisingly, is great for French toast. If you prefer a crusty French bread recipe, make sure to use the salt water glaze. This gives the bread a chewy, crispy crust. If you would like a softer crust, you may skip the glaze. I highly recommend using it. For grinding your own fresh flour, I recommend the Mockmill home grain mill.

This recipe has appeared on the back of our bags of Organic French-Style Flour for years, and we figured it was about time to feature it here on our Web site. Organic French-Style Flour is our preferred flour for making authentic French-style baguettes, so we encourage you to splurge on this unique product. In a large bowl, stir together the flour, 1 cup of water g , yeast, and salt until thoroughly combined, adding additional water if necessary to make a soft dough.
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My first French Baguettes — I look at them like my babies.. I have always wanted to make French Baguettes. For me nothing is as delicious as a slice of a baguette, crusty on the outside, soft and flavorful on the inside, slathered with butter or a sumptuous French cheese. Baking bread was not something we did in our household. So taking on a baguette was kind of like skipping walking in a 5K to run in a 25K marathon without any training.

There is nothing like a freshly baked French baguette on a Sunday morning. Or any morning for that matter. Baguettes took me the longest to master. So many factors here that can affect how your baguette will look and taste. A traditional French baguette is made of flour, water, yeast and salt.


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    If you've always wanted crusty, hole-ridden, French-style bread, this is it. Prep. 15 mins. Bake. 25 to 30 mins. Total. 4 hrs 37 mins. Yield. 2 loaves. Save Recipe.

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    Other factors that define a baguette’s appearance and taste

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    Easy Homemade French Bread Recipe | Renee's Kitchen Adventures

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