Topographical map of gettysburg battlefield

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topographical map of gettysburg battlefield

Gettysburg: The Story of the Battle with Maps by The Editors of Stackpole Books

If, like me, you have read books on the battle of Gettysburg but still have no real idea of how the battle unfolded on the map this is the book for you!

I often find it difficult to follow the flow of AARs. I struggle to picture in my minds eye the movement of units, and the terrain they occupy, in relation to other units.

Thus, this is the kind of book Ive always wanted. It provides a narrative of the Battle of Gettysburg with maps on every page, giving a play by play of what happens. It is impossible to get lost since every movement and engagement of troops is shown on a corresponding map.

I only wish there was a book like this for every major engagement of the ACW!
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Gettysburg - maps

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The Editors of Stackpole Books

A Cutting-Edge Second Look at the Battle of Gettysburg

Do you find TopoQuest useful? This topographic map contains these locations and features: Feature Name. View Map. Adams County Adult Correctional Complex. Adams County Sheriff's Office. Barlow Volunteer Fire Company Station

The technological limits of surveillance during the American Civil War dictated that commanders often decided where to deploy their troops based largely on what they could see. We know that Confederate general Robert E. Lee was virtually blind at Gettysburg, as his formerly brilliant cavalry leader J. A striking contrast in visual perception came when Union Gen. Gouvernour K. Warren spotted Confederate troops from Little Round Top and called in reinforcements just in time to save the Federal line. Our team, which includes myself, researcher Dan Miller and cartographer Alex Tait, have done just that.

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It would turn out the be especially useful to Lee:. Map of Adams Co. Although neither commander wanted an engagement here circumstances would dictate otherwise. As the battle escalated both generals urgently concentrated their armies on the town — nearly , troops by Thursday afternoon. Lee had been defeated and the next day he began the retreat back to Virginia. It was the bloodiest battle in American history — more than 51, casualties including some killed.

The Battle of Gettysburg proved one of the largest and bloodiest battles in American military history. In just three days, the Army of the Potomac and the Army of Northern Virginia sustained roughly a combined 50, casualties killed, missing and wounded in armies that exceeded , soldiers. Map making constituted an integral part of military operations during the Civil War. For commanders, map making allowed them the opportunity to better understand the land over which their armies marched and fought. Commanders entrusted topographical engineers to undertake the task of mapping the topography of a given battlefield to ensure that they intimately understood the surrounding terrain. Prior to March 31, , United States topographical engineers operated within their own corps or groups within the military and otherwise.

Over the years I have produced over maps in a variety of styles, but nowadays I focus almost exclusively on one: shaded relief topography, which provides a pseudo-three-dimensional view of the terrain. For large-scale maps smaller geographic areas, such as battlefields I usually try to include contour lines on top of the shaded relief. The color and black-and-white grayscale examples below represent the style I am most comfortable producing. There are two alternative styles:. All of the maps in this portfolio are stamped with a copyright notice identifying CWMaps. In actuality, the copyrights are held by the client historians or organizations that commissioned the maps.


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