Funny goodbye quotes and sayings

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funny goodbye quotes and sayings

Goodbye Quotes (372 quotes)

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Published 02.07.2019

A Farewell Message

41 Fond Farewell Quotes and Sayings

Farewell quotes might get you through a difficult time in your life. Bidding farewell to a friend, loved one or a colleague can be hard, but it is an essential part of moving on in life. All goodbyes, no matter how painful they may be, do carry a promise of good things. It may be hard to bid farewell to someone, but when the right words are used, the moments can become memorable. Some of the most successful people have said beautiful and deeper things about farewells.

Saying goodbye is not always an easy thing to do, the very thought of it conjures up feelings of sadness and longing. However, there are many funny quotes that can be used to take the sting out of a goodbye: from silly sayings to quotes that offer a lighthearted, humorous farewell that can help replace the sadness with laughter. The world without laughter can be a very dull place. Here is a list of farewell quotes by unknown authors that are popular and just downright funny. Funny farewell quotes found in books, movies and songs, or said by famous people are ideal to use for a farewell note or to help you smile through a goodbye.

Funny Goodbye Messages for Friends: Tired of sad goodbye quotes? Moving to another city, leaving for college, switching jobs — make sure the last moments you spend with your besties are an addition to the amazing pot of memories you have together. Be creative and write a sweet personalized message on a handwritten note. Weave them into a few hilarious lines and put it up on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram too. While this may seem insignificant at the outset, cute gestures like these go a long way into creating bonds that last a lifetime. Goodbyes are not the end. I hate you for leaving me here, all alone, without my bestie by my side.

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