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chance made us friends quote

Chance Made Us Colleagues But the Fun and Laughter We Share Makes Us Friends: Lined Notebook by NOT A BOOK

This author was created to segregate those items which have ISBNs but are not actually books. For more information, see the manual and/or start a thread in the Librarians Group.

When an item which is not a book is imported via ISBN into Goodreads, it does no good to delete it: the item will only be re-imported as long as it remains on the feeder site. (Often these are book-related items which are assigned ISBNs by book publishers so that they can be tracked through their book systems.)

These items should be transferred to the “author” NOT A BOOK. This can be done by editing the individual book record and replacing the existing primary author with the author NOT A BOOK, or, if all of the items on an authors list are not books, the author can be edited and merged entirely into NOT A BOOK.

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These items are not books:
* multi-packs of the same book
     *** dumpbin, dump bin, dumpb, dumpbi, dumpbn, dbin, d/bin
     *** mixed bin, mixed copy, copy bin, mxd
     *** prepak, ppk, stockpack, stock pack
     *** header
     *** shrinkwrap, shrink wrap, s/wrap, swrap
     *** x12, x24, x36, x48, 12c, 24c, 36c, 48c, 12cc, 24cc, 36cc, 48cc, 60cc
     *** awbc
* promo materials (displays, etc.)
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     *** clip strip
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* television episodes
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* plaques (inspirational, or otherwise)
* video games
* podcasts discussing books
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* all book by an author or all books in a series where no published collection of these works exists
* story bundles
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