Smoke and a pancake quote

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smoke and a pancake quote

The Third Policeman Quotes by Flann OBrien

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Smoke And A Pancake? Goldmember Austin Powers

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In , the phrase became widely adopted as a comical retort against religious evangelism after a video of a college student interrupting a Christian evangelist's sermon using the phrase went viral on YouTube. As of October , the video has gained over 3. On February 28th, , the Facebook page [3] "You ain't got no pancake mix" was created, as of October , the page has gained over 6, views. On June 16th, , Buzzfeed [6] published the video, as of October , the post has gained over 20, views. On June 18th, The Atlantic [6] posted the video captioning it:. On June 22nd, Urban Dictionary [4] user Thatreallyannoyinglosergirl submitted an entry for "You ain't got not pancake mix," which defined it as:.

Chapter Ten

They use a concrete shelter for a dugout and take advantage of the opportunity to eat and sleep as much as they can. They take a large mahogany bed, mattresses, and blankets into their dugout because they rarely have access to such luxuries. They collect eggs and butter, and they have the luck to find two suckling pigs.

Snopes needs your help! Learn more. You Bet Your Life was the post-World War II vehicle that provided Groucho Marx with a career apart from his brothers and introduced him to a generation of viewers too young to remember him from his stage or film work. Although You Bet Your Life was structured to make it appear as though every show was completely ad-libbed by Groucho who issued a steady stream of impromptu questions, off-the-cuff remarks, and cutting put-downs to contestants he had met only moments earlier , a good deal of preparation went into each episode. In early telecasts of You Bet Your Life , Groucho can be seen reading off sheets of paper propped up in front of him on something resembling a music stand. Story, a contestant with a remarkably large number of children a number that varies anywhere from 10 to 21 in different tellings of the legend :.


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    Definition: Smoking marijuana and then eating pancakes. a smoke and a pancake quote The next This excerpt is about a drink named after the movie quote.

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