Wife of an alcoholic quotes

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wife of an alcoholic quotes

Alcoholic Quotes (76 quotes)

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How to Cope with a Spouse's Alcoholism - Alcoholism

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'My husband's drinking problem left me mentally and physically broken'

I know what you may be thinking right now: How can I make my husband realize he has a problem? How can I make him realize he is an alcoholic? An alcoholic who is destroying himself. Killing himself. An alcoholic who is destroying me, and our entire family.

Did I love my wife? Did I love alcohol more than my wife? It's easy to see how it could seem that way. Clearly then I chose the alcohol over my wife, so by logical deduction I must love alcohol more than my wife. Point proven, case closed. My relationship with alcohol was complicated. For someone like me who had a social phobia, suffered from low self-esteem and was terrified of women rejecting me, alcohol was a wonder drug.

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10 Funny Drinking Quotes That Every Alcohol Lover Will Love

Please refresh the page and retry. T he effects of heavy alcohol consumption on the drinker are well-documented. Less understood, though, is the equally devastating impact it has on those closest to them. Alcohol misuse is the biggest risk factor for death , ill-health and disability among year-olds. The wife of an alcoholic who, like a growing number of adults in the UK, is unable to manage his life or his drinking, it took the year-old from Berkshire eight years before she found help from Al-Anon, a charity that supports those affected by a problem drinker. My own family had never drunk much. Indeed, they rarely touched a drop.

Are you wondering how you can cope with a drunk mother during the holidays, or how you can help her? Have friends told you that you are an enabler for your spouse? Do you find yourself suffering the consequences of a loved one's alcohol problem? It can be hard to hear that you need to change yourself when a loved one is living with alcoholism. After all, it's their problem, isn't it?


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    Here are some quotes from guys who've struggled with abusing alcohol and their partners.

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