Shadow of the almighty quotes

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shadow of the almighty quotes

Shadow of the Almighty Quotes by Elisabeth Elliot

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Published 11.07.2019

Abiding Under the Shadow of the Almighty - Episode 838

1 quote have been tagged as shadow-of-the-almighty: Elisabeth Elliot: 'Eternity shall be at once a great eye-opener and a great mouth-shutter. -Jim Elliot'.

Shadow of the Almighty Quotes

Obedience leads to knowledge. Obedience is the expression of love for God. Obedience means that we live in God. And if we live in Him, our lives bear the stamp of Christ. Nor would they have approved. Is the distinction between living for Christ and dying for Him, after all so great? Is not the second the logical conclusion of the first?

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I asked him what he was doing that for. - He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose.

Post a Comment. His wife, Elisabeth Elliot, has drawn excerpts from his diary and exposes the depth of His relationship with God and his knowing that He might be called to an unexpected death. Jim Elliot has become one of my heroes in the faith. Here are a few quotes I took note of along the way, written either by Jim or by the authors of the poems that quoted in his journals. I've chosen ones that have meant something to me, but this book is a goldmine! I would strongly encourage you to pick up a copy of the book for yourself!


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    Although today a known name in much of western Christendom, Jim Elliot was not well known during his life.

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    All quotes taken directly from Shadow of the Almighty by Elizabeth Elliott.

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    Shadow of the Almighty: The Life and Testament of Jim Elliot by Elisabeth Elliot. Nor is surrender to the will of God (per se) adequate to fullness of power in Christ. “The devil has made it his business to monopolize on three elements: noise, hurry, crowds.

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